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August 25,  2017   -   Celebrity Inside News  /   Elvis Express Radio
Priscilla Presley blames herself for Elvis’ death. Apparently, the legend begged her to take him back just a few days before his unfortunate death..

But at the time, not only was the king overweight and addicted to prescription pills but he was also (so it's claimed), engaged to Ginger Alden, 20.

Because of that, there was no way Priscilla, who the star insisted was his only true love, would’ve ever got back together with him.

But the star told her everything he felt during a heart to heart conversation at his home.

Priscilla claims that Elvis insisted he didn’t want to go through with the marriage and that he wanted to reunite with Priscilla and their daughter Lisa Marie, then 9.
‘I am miserable. I want my family back. I miss the family times we had. Lisa needs her mom and dad together,’ he allegedly said?

But while Elvis was acting like a ‘lovesick teenager’ trying to impress Priscilla however he could. The ex-wife came to Graceland because she was curious about Ginger.
The barely 20-year-old had been described as the younger version of her.

Priscilla later told close pals that he seemed completely out of it and was acting odd. But even after four hours of him begging her to take him back, Priscilla refused.

Apparently, the thing that terrified her the most was his drug use.

And sure enough, just a few days after, Elvis was gone forever and drugs were the cause.

Joe Esposito, his best man and former manager who passed away last year, claimed that Priscilla thought she was at fault for the tragedy.

She felt like her affair with karate instructor Mike Stone was what made Elvis start taking drugs in the first place.

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