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August 23,  2017   -   TCPalm  /   Elvis Express Radio
Guess who's back....Yep, it's E.E.R's old friend Bill Kinard, he who blurs facts with fiction around what he claims to be rare Elvis artifacts.

We all remember that darn Bus, the fake Blues mobile, the fake Blue Suede Shoes gold record, the replica jumpsuit, the replica tour jacket and a few other rather questionable
artifacts (if you don't recall or have not yet been made aware then read all about these claims and more

The last time we saw this car raise it's pink and black head was in January of this year when dear old Mr Kinard was putting up a load of his.... Things for auction. The Cadillac then
was hoping to sell for $3 Million Dollars, but he was happy to let it go for $1.2 Million (these figures my seem familiar as you read on). This was reported in the UK paper, the 'Daily

Back then, Bill Kinard said he was only selling his collection after their son-in-law threatened to throw it all away once they die????? Yeah right, as if anyone, unless they were
totally devoid of any common sense, would throw away items that are claimed to be worth millions. Either that or the whole story is the kind of stuff Dominic the Bull would release
from his rear end.

Anyway, before we continue, here is what's reported on the TCPALM website;

Elvis Presley’s pink and black 1957 Cadillac Sedan de Ville is back.

The car landed in the capable hands of Vero Beach resident Dale Warrington who undertook the painstaking renovation at his custom paint and body shop in Fort Pierce.

Warrington expected the restoration to take a year, but because of the scarcity of some parts and the slow process of reproducing the car’s highly detailed interior, the project went
beyond two.

“There was over $110,000 invested in this restoration,” Warrington said. “But it’s finally finished and is headed for an online auction in September.”

Warrington’s reputation as an automotive perfectionist has spread throughout Florida and beyond. Cars have been shipped to him from as far away as Chicago. His 9,000-square-
foot facility is packed with old cars in various stages of restoration, the youngster in the garage being a 1970 Chevelle SS.

“We have to move cars out in the morning in order to create some work space,” he said. “And I have cars on a waiting list that haven’t even arrived yet.

The renovation

Warrington and his team removed the Cadillac’s interior, drivetrain, wheels and suspension and then the entire body was lifted off the frame and placed on a rotisserie.

The frame and suspension was media-blasted and repainted. After all of the panels were checked, patched and rust was removed, the body and sheet metal panels were primed
and coated with five coats of PPG Concept acrylic urethane paint in “Mountain Laurel” pink.

“We went with the traditional single stage paint versus the two-stage (paint plus clear coat),” Warrington said. “That ‘Mountain Laurel’ color later became famous as Mary Kay Pink"

Every chrome piece was removed and, instead of polishing, it was sent to Space Coast Plating in Melbourne for re-finishing.

“Even the inside-facing metal was chromed,” Warrington said. “With special bumper-mounted exhaust outlets, the bumpers on these Cadillacs tended to rust out quickly. So special
attention was paid to the inside of the chrome pieces.”

Every option

Presley had ordered the car with every available option, including air conditioning, power antenna, power steering, brakes and windows. One curious option called the “Autronic
Eye” was mounted atop the dashboard.

Introduced by General Motors in 1952, the Autronic Eye used a light-sensing phototube to detect oncoming headlights, which would trigger the activation of low beams. Another
option was a floor-mounted channel switch that would change radio stations each time you tapped it with your foot.

“The Autronic Eye would automatically activate your high beams once you entered into low light areas,” Warrington said. “If you drove into a downtown area with streetlights, the eye
would dim the lights to low beam. The floor switch was a hands-free way to surf your radio stations, looking for an Elvis tune.”

The car’s owners, Bill and Linda Kinard, will be putting the car up for auction next month at www.liveauctions.com. Bill Kinard is hoping to see the bidding run as high as $3 million.


Kinard inherited the Presley ‘57 Cadillac, white jump suit and some additional Elvis memorabilia from the estate of former Los Angeles Dodger Bruce Buseman after he died in 2004.
The Kinards were the only surviving board members of Buseman’s “Professional Sports Hall of Fame Museum” in Eugene, Oregon.

Bill Kinard believes the historically significant Cadillac could fetch up to $3 million at the auction, but said he'll probably set a reserve of $1.2 million.

To Warrington’s credit, the car was structurally restored and painted by the fall of 2016, but the interior restoration took several months to complete.

“My interior guy had to drive all the way up from South Florida to work on it,” Warrington said. “He’s pretty much in retirement now, so he couldn’t be rushed. He did a perfect job,
but it took him a long time.”

The Cadillac even has it’s own Facebook page at

If you have an extra million dollars on hand, or are simply curious about how much the car sold for, it will be listed and sold at
www.liveauctions.com in September.


Before we go on, remember, Bill Kinard sent in an open letter back in 2014 finally admitting he was wrong not to listen to us at ELVIS EXPRESS RADIO regarding what is and what is
not authenticly owned / used by Elvis Presley. So, we were very surprised to see the newspaper article in the Daily Mail back in January 2017 with Mr Kinard and more claims of the
same old stuff (although no longer the bus) and seeking some unknowing wealthy fan to spend a ton of cash on a pile of highly dubious items.

Fast forward to August and he's back with the same items as before, including that FAKE "white jump suit" (Aloha suit) and the Cadillac.

So what is wrong with this car?

In his interview for the Daily Mail, in January, Kinard does throw out a little cover for back-up by wording things like so...
"They inherited what Bill believes is Elvis's 1957 Cadillac,
white eagle jump suit, and other Elvis memorabilia"
.  There we have that magic word don't we, Bill Kinard "BELIEVES" the car belonged to Elvis Presley, just as he "Believed" J.D.
Sumners bus was Elvis' tour bus and was proved wrong and even accepted he was wrong and wished he had listened to us.

AND, Just as Kinard
"Believed" the black & white Police car he owned was an original used in the classic movie, 'The Blues Brothers', even though the car he owned was a 1983
Plymouth Grand Fury and the car used in the 'Blues Brothers' movie was a 1974 Dodge Monaco. Oh and when you also take into account the movie was completed in 1980, 3
years prior to Kinards fake Blues Brothers police car even existing. But Mr Kinard would not accept these undeniable FACTS and continued to "Believe" his car was the last
'Bluesmobile" in the World.

OK, back to this Cadillac. YES, it is a beautiful car and the people who restored it have done an amazing job, BUT for Kinard to say he expects to get $1.2 million for it is what you
could call rather wishful thinking, But £3 million, which is what he really wants is nothing short of bloody ridiculously laughable, but did this car actually belong to Elvis Presley?
Kinard's car (as shown above right) is a 1957 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, while Elvis is pictured (above left) with his 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. While Kinard has made suggestions
that the picture shows Elvis with the car Kinard owns, this is not the case. The easiest way to tell is Kinards car has the 2 chrome blade designs on the middle of the hood, while
Elvis' are located on each of the wings about the headlights.

But this does not actually prove anything, and the car comes with a "certificate of authenticity", yes authenticated by the museum that previously owned the car. Now that's what we
call unbiased right???? WRONG!

Oh and Remember, the "Certificate of Authenticity" is issued by the same museum that also authenticated the TCB Tour Bus (Disproved by EER) and the original Bluesmobile
(Disproved by EER), both of which were / are NOT what they the certificates claimed to be.

Graceland also refuse to authenticate the car and everything else that Kinard claims to be Elvis' personal property. Remember, Graceland now offer an authenticating service so if
they felt for one moment these things were authentic, they would happily deal with them.

And before we forget, the certificate of authenticity claims the VIN number is
5762037142 and Kinard tells us that proves the car belonged to Elvis Presley?  -  However, upon
searching for the VIN Number online all searches return the same results............

Oh and the other results we get searching for the VIN number is, "VIN number should be 17 digits". The VIN number on the document is only 10 (
see COA here).

Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online Request form or Email in your comments along with your song choice HERE

There is NO Evidence that this Cadillac ever belonged to Elvis
Presley. There's NO Evidence that Elvis ever even looked at it, let
alone bought it, drove it, sat in it or sat on it

The article says the following about the licence plate:
Classic big bumpers and bumper extensions were typical of '50s
luxury. The customized Elvis license tag frame is said to be worth
$2,500 alone

So, Bill Kinard says that Elvis' original licence, from the pink
Cadillac in 1957 is as shown right here on the left?

The plate is issue in Oregon. Why would Elvis have an Oregon
licence plate on his 1957 Cadillac when he was living in Memphis,
How come the Oregon licence plate is a modern day design and NOTHING like the Oregon plates from 1957 (see here). The licence plate holder is also tampered with, look closely
at the metal strip with ELVIS on it at the top and strip on the bottom with 1957 CADILLAC. Both strips have been added, not in a very tidy way and look at how he strips do not fit the
shaped spaces properly.

Again, Yes the Cadillac is truly a beautiful car, but the folks who have invested time and money in restoring the car thinking they will make a financial killing once it's sold may well be
in for the worst wake-up call of their lives. Kinard says he and an investor has so far paid out $110 Thousand to turn this wreck of a shell into a beautiful looking Caddy. But it's still
remains nothing to do with Elvis Presley. In fact, to buy a 1957 4 door Cadillac Sedan DeVille in the same condition and in full working order will set you back between $30 - 40