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August 16,  2017   -   by Birmingham Mail   /   Elvis Express Radio
It’s 40 years since Elvis Presley died – and even though the King has been gone, he has continued to sell records by the millions, perform for fans around the world in sold out
concert arena's, then there's the production of Elvis merchandise, everything from postcards for a few cents to replica stage costumes going into the thousands. And of course,
continues to attract hundreds of thousands to his Memphis home, Graceland, every year.

Elvis the showman, the entertainer, the legend has also spawned an entire industry of IMPERSONATORS. They like to call themselves Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs), but the question
has to be, have they done more to undermine the legend than they have to preserve it?

Pictured above is Dale Curtis, he performs around the UK doing his "Tribute" to Elvis and believe it or not, he gets praise from some Elvis fans regarding his "closeness to the
King"????????? Sorry but if Dale Curtis comes "close" to Elvis, then I am Engelbert Humperdinck.

Anyway, Judge for yourself by watching Dale Curtis’s "haunting performance" outside on the street at the junction of New Street and High Street in the city of Birmingham here in the

The Birmingham Mail writes, "As the world remembers Elvis 40 years after his death on August 16, 1977 at the age of just 42, Dale’s performance has an inappropriate
undercurrent of self-deprecating humour.

Even though, the Elvis Estate organises a worldwide impersonator contest, Priscilla is not entirely in favour of the impersonation industry. “A lot of them get lost in his personality
and mannerisms and take it way too seriously,” she said. “They are trying to imitate him to become him and I don’t know what to do with that.

“The physical impersonators I think all look like caricatures of Elvis. It’s all a bit eery... but they are keeping the legacy going.”

Elvis Live in Concert returns to the Genting Arena at the NEC on Monday, November 27 as part of a six-date UK tour featuring The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.
The concerts are based on the Number One albums
If I Can Dream and The Wonder Of You – Elvis’s 12th & 13th UK No 1 albums – which both featured new orchestral
arrangements to archived and fully restored recordings of his voice.

Take a look at the IMP (impersonator), Dale Curtis (pictured above & see video below) and decide for yourself, do these IMPERSONATORS do more to turn Elvis into a caricature
than enhance his legend? All the while these IMPS are willing to perform for the media like dressed up chimps, Elvis will always be seen by the media and the public as a bit of a joke.

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