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Members of Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain stage anniversary bash at Jollees
August 07,  2017   -   The Stoke Sentinel  /  Elvis Express Radio
Hundreds of Elvis Presley enthusiasts descended on the Potteries to not only celebrate the 'wonder' of their idol – but mark a fan club's landmark anniversary.

This month represents 40 years since the much-loved singer passed away with fans around the world all expected to hold commemorative events.

However in North Staffordshire, organisers behind the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain are marking 60 years since the group was launched.

Based in Cheadle, the fan club staged a special day – and night – at Stoke's Jollees Cabaret Venue. Around 200 snapped up tickets for a disco, dance-off and entertainment from
tribute acts.

And funds from the day went to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

Victoria Molloy, aged 51, of Tean, who is managing director of the fan club, said: “We have an event every year around Stoke-on-Trent. I think people from the Potteries are just
beginning to realise that we are here because for years the fan club was based in Leicester."

The club now boasts 10,000 members with 300 set for a trip to Memphis.

Victoria said: “There's a lot of Elvis fans in Stoke-on-Trent. I was quite surprised when I started to work for the fan club – it's a bit of a hot bed.

“I love his music. I'm a music fan. I like music that influenced Elvis and musicians that were influenced by Elvis. It makes you discover so much more."

Fan club member Lewis Roberts said he was brought up listening to Elvis.

The 54-year-old shop assistant from Bradeley now has a tattoo of his hero.

He said: “We've been to Graceland in 2001 to see how the guy lived and it was absolutely awesome. As an entertainer he was fantastic.

I had a tattoo of Elvis after the Graceland trip – that's my tribute to him.

“He could put his voice to any song. As soon as we realised there were tickets for sale for this we wanted to come."

Lewis said it was great that money from the event would go to th Dougie Mac.

He said: “Our family still give to Douglas Macmillan because my mother Joan and my step-sister Barbara both died in there. They do an amazing job - without them people wouldn't
pass on peacefully."

Fellow fan club member Paula Simmill said she loves 'everything' about Elvis.

The 50-year-old lab technician from Chell Heath said: “The fan club is great and I've been looking forward to this event very much.

“I'd love to eventually go to Memphis with the group.

“My favourite Elvis gospel song is Peace in the Valley and my favourite live song is American Trilogy.

“I think there are a few young people that are starting getting into Elvis - my grandchildren have started listening to him.

“As soon as they hear a little snippet they'll jump up and say 'that's Elvis!'".

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