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August 04,  2017   -   Outting News  /  Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Presley's death: New report claims to reveal real cause of singer's death
Was a mistake made by Presley's dentist what really killed Elvis on August 16, 1977?

August 16 will mark 40 years since the tragic death of the King of Rock and Roll, #elvis presley. To this day the cause of the singer's death has remained a huge topic of interest.
For decades it has been reported that Elvis Presley was found dead in his Tennesee Graceland mansion home face down on the bathroom floor from cardiac arrhythmia.

40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death approaching
New reports from Radar Online state that a new investigation into Elvis Presley's death and autopsy reports reveal that it may have been something entirely different that took the
life of Elvis, something that could have been prevented.

According to RO top medical experts believe that what killed Elvis was brought on by a huge and fatal mistake made by the King's dentist.

Doctor reveals Elvis' death cause was a cover up
Former forensic scientist Dr. Cyril Wecht claims that Elvis' autopsy reports were bogus claiming that there is "no way to diagnose cardiac arrhythmia on a person who has already
died." The Doctor, who throughout his career has conducted over 14,000 autopsies and consulted on more than 30,000 others said there was a fatal error made by Presley's
dentist Dr. Lester Hofman the day Elvis died.

Dr. Hofman had performed a painful dental procedure on Elvis hours before his demise. Following the procedure, he prescribed a prescription of codeine to help Elvis manage the
pain. The only problem was that Presley was highly allergic to the painkiller and his allergy was clearly marked on all of Presley's medical and hospital charts.

Hofman passed away in 2006, and according to the shocking new report was not the only person aware that Presley was allergic to the painkiller. Joe Esposito, Elvis friend, and
body guard reportedly spoke with Radar Online before his passing in 2016 stating he cleaned up the bathroom before the emergency squad arrived, removing several pills bottles,
including one marked codeine from the scene.

It has been no secret that Elvis had a drug problem and was catered to by his physician, Dr. George “Nick” Nichopoulos. Dr. Nick, as he was referred to, catered to the singer with
an endless supply of potent painkillers, including Dilaudid, morphine, Quaaludes, and barbiturates.

Despite that, it is now believed that it was "10 times the therapeutic" amount of the codeine found in Elvis' system the day he died that killed the singer. Esposito's description of
Elvis' frame of mind on the day he died reveals that he was in a bad way. "I think Elvis gobbled down the whole bottle of codeine by mistake."

“All my life I have been haunted by the idea that my best friend — and the greatest talent the world has ever seen — didn’t have to die!” Joe concluded.

Even without an allergy, the dosage consumed by Elvis would have likely been fatal the doctor noted. Sadly, it appears that Elvis' addictive personality has been passed down to his
only daughter #lisa marie presley.

As previously reported, Lisa Marie has been dealing with her own addiction demons. Lisa was spotted out in June looking very thin, and nearly unrecognizable following her release
from rehab for a prescription pill addiction. Thankfully Lisa Marie Presley has now reportedly turned over a new leaf.

The King's only child has decided to take back control of her life by kicking her pill addiction and placing her focus on the more important thing in life, her children, her health, and
her career. She is also getting support from her close friend, singer Pink, who has encouraged Lisa to get back into her music.

“She finally realized that she was killing herself, and decided that she didn’t want to end up like her dad!” reveals a source close to Lisa to Radar.

What are your thoughts, do you believe it was an allergic reaction to codeine that killed Elvis Presley, and that he would be a live today if his dentist hadn't prescribed the deadly
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