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August 01,  2017   -   Elvis Express Radio
Here's a look at the second 45rpm vinyl released via the German edition of the Rolling Stone music magazine. The first being back in 2014 when 'Thats All Right' and 'Blue Moon of

Now, included with the August edition of the magazine, German fans are treated to another SUN 45, this time a new A & B side pairing between 'Good Rockin Tonight' and 'Blue
Moon (Take 5). There is also a free CD inside the issue called 'All Shook Up' featuring a selection of Elvis songs as performed by various acts.

It's a cool little promotional 45 for the new mainstream release of the excellent critically acclaimed 3 CD / Book set, 'A Boy From Tupelo.

However, as we are becoming more and more accustomed to now, there are a couple of glaring mistakes on the back of the record sleeve which states 'Good Rockin Tonight' -
Originally Released 1959? This is obviously incorrect, as the song was originally released in 1954 as the B-side to 'I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shone' (Sun 210).

The other error is the second song, 'Blue Moon (Take 5)' which we're informed the song itself was originally released in 1954 and take 5 originally released in 1997? Well first of all,
'Blue Moon' was originally released in 1956 on the LP 'Elvis Presley' (LPM 1254). But they have got the original release of take 5 correct as it was originally featured on the excellent
4 CD collection, 'Platinum - A Life In Music'.
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