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July 21,  2017   -   Elvis Files  /   Elvis Express Radio
With issue number 20 of the Elvis Files magazine still fresh in our minds, Erik Lorentzen has released what we'll be getting
on the cover of the next superb edition.

Issue number 21 has an absolutely beautiful front cover (to join the various other eye opening covers used over the last 5
years since 2012)

There are several Elvis publications in the Elvis World, so what makes the Elvis Files stand out from the pack? As the man
behind the whole Elvis Files success explains it...

"We'll leave other magazines like the excellent 'Elvis: The Man & His Music' to give you CD and book reviews, recent news
and interviews with Elvis' friends and associates. With our magazine, in line with 'The Elvis Files' book series, photo's have
been given first priority".  Erik Lorentzen

That sums this magazine up perfectly. It's a magazine that is a must have addition to any fans collection who loves to see
great quality images, rarely seen and even previously unreleased images of the worlds greatest entertainer throughout his
life and career.

Add to these awesome collection of images, rarely seen articles from the magazines and newspapers of the 50's, 60's & 70's
about Elvis during that particular time in his career. PLUS so much more.

The Worlds GREATEST Elvis Magazine is available from all good Elvis stockist or you can order directly via the Elvis Files

Take a look at all the GREAT covers of previous issues starting back in 2012.
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