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July 20,  2017   -   Elvis Express Radio
'On Presleyterianism: A Book for Those Who Believe in Elvis' is about... Elvis the Saint, Elvis the Sinner. For countless followers, Elvis means more than a rhinestone-studded
jumpsuit and a pair of swinging hips. Elvis transcends, for whatever reason, this mortal coil.

His influence on worldwide pop culture is stunning, ubiquitous, deeply profound. That so many find redemption in their own lives as well as spiritual value in a poor boy from Tupelo
speaks volumes about our collective spirituality, as well as our conceptions of religion, commodity, and meaning.

This book only scratches the surface of the rhinestone, examining the historical, spiritual, and cultural conditions that turned a poor southern boy into one of the most iconic images
of the century.

BUT, just how serious you can take a book that fails to know the difference between BILLY FURY and ELVIS, I just do not know?
The photo used on the cover is the Statue of Liverpool legend, Billy Fury who's statue is in his home city.

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