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July 20,  2017   -   OEPFC of GB  /  Lee Dawson  /  Elvis Express Radio

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain has found itself in the middle of a storm after a highly controversial posting on their official Facebook page announcing the death
of Red West.

Here is the announcement:
The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain  RED WEST died today age 80, just 2 months after the death of his cousin Sonny.
Robert Gene "Red" West (born November 20, 1936, died July 18, 2017) was an American actor, film stuntman and songwriter.
Red was one of the eight founder members of Elvis' Memphis Mafia. A close companion to Elvis Presley for much of his life, but towards the end sold his soul to the Murdoch media
group resulting in the publication of the book "Elvis: What Happened". Many of Elvis family and business associates judged the book as attributing in no small part to his premature
death quoting the following similarity that Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus Christ. Judas is known for the kiss and betrayal of Jesus to the Sanhedrin
for thirty silver coins. His name is often used anonymously with betrayal or treason." Treat this post as a news item and it would be appreciated if no personal views are posted on
this site

Reporting the news is one thing, but when the writer decides to include a personal view by drawing a comparison of Red West with Judas Iscariot. Surely, they cannot then tell the
readers NOT to include any of their personal views on the matter in their responses? The person who reported the news is of course entitled to air and share his or her personal
views, but surely, when reporting the news under the banner of the OEPFC, they should be impartial and professional on their reporting?

The whole issue of 'Elvis: What Happened' has split fans for 40 years and will continue to do so for years to come. Yes, we all know that the book hurt Elvis deeply, especially
because Red and Sonny were involved. As a young fan, my opinion was always that Red West, Sonny West and Dave Hebler were horrible for what they did and it was as simple as
that, black and white. The older I got the more that black and white started to fade and became much more grey area's.

To publicly announce on the day the man dies while under the banner of the OEPFC is, in my opinion insensitive to both Red West's family and friends. I would have thought that
the OEPFC would have shown more respect than they have over this. To then tell your readers to treat this as a news item and not personal views is ridiculous and treats your
readers with contempt.

* * * * *
OK, so how has the OEPFC members / readers responded (Selected few)...
The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain Although not our words in the news piece, what about Elvis' family and friends? We are here to protect Elvis his legacy, his
talent, and Elvis the man - a man who has meant so much to all of us. Too many people within the Elvis bubble are trying to re-write history.

Kevin Clarke we all know what happened and what was written its how you interpret it that matters,and that article is in very poor taste by anyones standards

Rick Bayne The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain maybe you need to take note of the backlash and remove this offensive and insensitive post.

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain Treat this post as a news item and it would be appreciated if no personal views are posted on this site.

Jane Green Read and understood.
I will forthwith unlike this page.

Jayne Purdy Well its obviously your personal view.

Anthony Stuchbury I thought the OFFICIAL fan club would show a little more respect at this time ? I understand how you feel but you should have at least saved it for later out of
(some) respect for his family and friends.
Red was even welcomed on Elvis Radio at Graceland no less over the past few years believe it or not, so some forgiveness is out there for him.
Quoting a Christian scripture to further your agenda is not forgiving or Christian at all , not that I'm remotely religious anyway, I'm just making a reverse point.
This post by the OFFICIAL fan club says more about you than anything else. Disgusting.
I'm happy NOT to be a member of your 'club' any longer and thankful for the many others out there who can fulfil an Elvis service for me.

Rockin Roy Paterson Disappointing read, Red was Elvis friend before Elvis was Elvis and penned some great songs for Elvis, separate ways and if every day was like
Christmas,that's someone you'll never forget and if you talk in your sleep,ok he wrote a book with some honest truths in it but at least he did it whilst Elvis was alive....RIP Red

Gary Canton We aren't allowed to post personal views but you can..you should be ashamed of yourselves. As others have said your post says more about you. I'm sure Elvis would
be pleased to see the way his official fan club is treating people. If you lose members remember your post as you brought it on yourselves.

Kevin Clarke Wow just wow, i am so shocked and ashamed at the comments made by this page and some of the so called fans about Red, put yourself in the mans families shoes
not only do they have the agony of loosing their loved one, they have to read hateful and spiteful articles and comments like this, no matter how you look at it or what you feel a man
who was more loyal to Elvis than any of us, has died, he knew him long before he made it, Elvis was hard on Red a few times its life it happens, i am sure he would hang his head
reading this, i myself have my own views, and even if i did think like so many sheep in here and hated the man, i could never bring myself to stoop so low and write such terrible
things, sometimes its hard being a Elvis fan, and reading this today is such a day, R.I.P. Red.

Deborah Linskey R I P MR. Red West ! Prayers and comfort are extended to your family . I'm sure our Elvis will greet you with open arms!!

Julie Murray Shocked at this even more shocked at how the fan club is treating fans. Sad day

Jade Emily Marshall This is a disgusting piece of 'journalism' and I hope you realise it says more about you than Red.

Keith Daborn V poor taste by oepfc, quite taken aback by the insult. RIP Red, one of the few who tried to stop the madness

To be fair, not everyone is in disagreement with the OEPFC's opinion...
Bernard Roughton About time somebody was brave enough to tell the truth. Well done EPFC

Chris Clarke here here.

Judith Hunter red west tried to destroy Elvis with that book he was an arrogant belligerent man who wrote that book to spite Elvis, all that crap about him doing it to help him is just
that, crap, you dont kick a man when he is down to help him get back up, and that is exactly what red did to Elvis, Elvis even offered to pay him not to write it but he wrote it anyway,
how anyone can say they love Elvis and be sad at the demise of that evil man I do not know, he didnt just break Elvis's heart he ripped it from his chest and stamped on it, and all
because they were given the sack for beating up on Elvis's fans, which they had been warned many times to stop doing but they thought they were above the rules and they were
not, and dont forget that most forget to say it was them who were partying and taking drugs and doing the fans while Elvis was upstairs trying to sleep or read, or watch TV or in his
gym keeping fit or doing karate and not partying with the rest of them, I hope red suffers in torment for ever
at least judas had the good grace to hang himself.

* * * * *
As of writing this article, we have included all the posts from fans who are in agreement with the words used by the OEPFC of GB. For me personally, I feel the OEPFC should have
simply reported the news as the news and leave the individuals personal opinions for the comments section. As the worlds biggest Elvis Presley Fan Club which has officially
represented the UK Elvis fans, for the past 60 years, the OEPFC should be a figure-head that represents Elvis Presley and we all know that Elvis would kept his own personal views
about that to himself...

UPDATE  -  Since our article regarding the OEPFC of GB was published, we have been seeking further details regarding the issue and our very own News Hound-Dog, Tony,
stumbled across a video from 1999 which has Todd Slaughter of the OEPFC of GB introducing to and sit on stage with RED WEST during the Mablethorpe Elvis Festival. We can
only assume that in 1999, Red West was good enough to help the OEPFC sell tickets but now. But now he is scum and a Judas? Make your mind up will ya!!!
See Video

UPDATE 22/07/2017 -  In a further update to this issue, OEPFC of GB boss, Todd Slaughter took his opportunity for the right to reply with the following comment:
If you go into our Facebook site you can verify the stats. Only 22 people out of over 7,500 views have voiced their displeasure. Please publish this - thanks Todd

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain Just to update you on our stats.

7,530 viewed the Red West news story that we re-published, and from those who responded to it 85 liked it, 120 agreed with it, 22 disliked the fan club for publishing the story, 140
posts abusive to Red West had to be removed by us (we have a moral and legal obligation to remove offensive and obscene posts) , and 35 shared the piece.
(To put these figures into some context 14,000 viewed the "I Got A Thing About You Baby" video post with 340 people registering their like, and 100 sharing the post).

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