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July 08,  2017   -   FECC  /  Elvis Express Radio
The following interesting article was posted on the FECC Elvis Forum by member elvisalisellers. We wanted to share this with our readers and hope you find it of interest.

Originally released in 1981 [shortly after the death of its producer], it featured ten [eleven if you count the inspired "What'd I Say" jam ending of "Guitar Man"] very well-chosen
recordings [a few - up until that point - that were previously unheard in those particular versions], and deservedly spawned a number one Billboard Country hit with the brilliant
meshing of the updated title track [his last US number one single until 2002 when the "A Little Less Conversation" remix topped the US singles sales chart].

Flash forward to the year 2000, and FTD gave us Too Much Monkey Business, which although expanding upon the concept, didn't really do the sessions justice with its curious
sequencing and re-imagining of the original album. There was also a woeful mastering error on the intro of "Loving Arms" [spelt "Lovin' on the LP] which was surprisingly not
considered shoddy enough to withdraw and consequently fix.

In hindsight, the prime focus should have been firmly on the ten tracks that made up the original project, in unison with discarded versions and alternate mixes [keeping in mind that
the alleged duets would probably be outside of the legal realms of such a set] of those very songs.

And that is where a potential 2 x CD Classic Album release [incorporating original artwork] could rectify things.

Then - and only then - introduce the previously unreleased outtakes* [leaving the least successful remakes to the tail end] as bonus tracks to the package.
*Some of these versions may well only exist on multi-track and not as 2-track mix-downs

The Young 'un Sound outtakes:

"Guitar Man" (discarded January/February 1980 attempt)
"And I Love You So"
"That's What You Get For Lovin' Me"
"Funny How Time Slips Away"
"Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"
"Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall" (available on import CD)
"I'm Movin' On" (vocal master - discarded January 1980 attempt)
"Loving Arms" (discarded January 1980 attempt)
"Shake A Hand" (January 1980 - 1st remake attempt)
"Too Much Monkey Business" (discarded January 1980 attempt)
"For Ol' Times Sake" (available on import CD)
"Susan When She Tried"
"Help Me" (January 1980 - 1st remake attempt)
"She Thinks I Still Care" (vocal master - discarded February 1980 attempt)
"Help Me" (October 1980 - 2nd remake attempt)
"The Fool"
"Susan When She Tried"
"You Don't Know Me" (unconfirmed)
"I Really Don't Want To Know" (unconfirmed)
"Help Me Make It Through The Night" (unconfirmed)
"Shake A Hand" (November 1980 - 2nd remake attempt)

EER Adds...

Jerry Reed On Duets:
In an interview which is featured in the FTD book 'Writing For The King', Jerry Reed spoke about this project and how the original plan by Felton Jarvis was to get together song
writing performers to join up on new duets with Elvis on their songs (I.E. Elvis & Carl Perkins on 'Blue Suede Shoes', Elvis & Jerry Reed on 'Guitar Man' etc). In fact, George Klein
claims he owns the tape which has Perkins and Reed's vocals on the tape.

The duets project was apparently killed by Parker who did not like the idea, but Jarvis went ahead with the remakes of the songs and instead of using Jerry Reeds original guitar
parts, he got him to grab a fender and rerecord his parts on the new backing for the song.

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