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July 07,  2017   -   Las Vegas Review Journal  /  Elvis Express Radio
Well, the $2 million question has finally been answered at Westgate Las Vegas.
That’s the answer: $2 million.

The question, for the past two years, has been how much Westgate is owed — if anything — in a legal dispute centered on its ill-fated Elvis Presley attraction and stage show. The
production “The Elvis Experience” ran from April to May 2015, while the 28,000-square-foot “Graceland Presents: Elvis the Exhibition” was open from April 2015 to February 2016.
The two-team parlay of Elvis attractions was never profitable (hence the untimely closings).

The abrupt shuttering of the show and exhibit sparked a messy lawsuit between Westgate and third-party production company Exhibit A Circle LLC, which was contracted to stage
the Elvis events.

Exhibit A Circle made the decision to shut down both the exhibit and the stage show. As a result, Westgate claimed in court papers that it suffered serious financial losses as Exhibit
A Circle was in breach of its 10-year operating contract with the hotel.

On June 27, after a lengthy legal back-and-forth, Westgate was awarded about $2.25 million in damages by a federal arbitrator.

Still to be determined is a separate legal dispute between the Graceland-headquartered Elvis Presley Enterprises and Westgate.

The hotel still has possession of the memorabilia displayed at the exhibition, including the American Eagle jumpsuit Elvis wore on stage at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1972, the tunic he
wore on an opening night in July 1969, a telegram he sent to Barbra Streisand on opening night at the International, the jumpsuit he wore in the film “Viva Las Vegas” and all of the
original Sun records Presley recorded with Sam Phillips.

As Westgate Chief Operating Officer Mark Waltrip said this week, those items will remain in the resort’s possession until Elvis Presley Enterprises pays a multimillion-dollar bond to
release the property, or there is a final ruling in the case, which was filed in Clark Country District Court in 2016.

The showroom where the “Elvis Experience” was staged — and the real Elvis once performed — is currently home to just one show: The Prince tribute Purple Reign. The only Elvis
presence in the hotel is the bronze statue near the entrance, trumpeting The King’s long headlining run at the International and Las Vegas Hilton.

The statue, like the dispute involving the folks at Graceland and Westgate, is at a standstill.

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