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June 24,  2017    -    Elvis Express Radio
Does the bizarre never cease? Well, we guess not? And we think you'll agree, especially when you hear the very latest, apparent, "evidence" that Elvis is still with us today?

OK, above is a photo of Charles Stone (left), and just in case you don't know who he is, he worked for Concerts West and answered directly to Elvis' manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

The second photo (right) also shows Charles as he attends the funeral of Sonny West recently. Although, the alivers are buzzing around claiming that this photo actually shows that
Elvis is alive and well as he pays his respects to Sonny.

So there we have it? Just another example of the totally bizarre "evidence" - However, as for Charles Stone, should he take this claim that he looks like Elvis as a compliment? Or
should he be insulted that these alivers thinks he looks 82 (Charles is 73)?