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June 22,  2017   -  Elvis Express Radio
On April 23, 1956. Elvis and his band - Scotty Moore,
Bill Black and DJ. Fontana - began a two week
engagement at the New Frontier Hotel in Los Vegas.
Freddy Martin and his orchestra had been scheduled
for a while, as was comedian Shecky Green. Elvis was
a belated added attraction.

He was referred to as the "Atomic Powered Singer",
since Nevada was where the first atomic bombs were
developed. Elvis' manager probably thought the name
would be catchy? What he had not figured on was how
an older nightclub crowd react to Elvis.

It has been widely reported that Elvis bombed in Las
Vegas, even that his contract was canceled after a
week. That the middle-aged audience that could afford
to visit Las Vegas at the time reacted coolly to Elvis is
true enough, but his Contract was never broken.

Elvis dutifully soldiered on for the contracted two
weeks, closing with his last performance on May 6,

It was Elvis' manager who bombed, proving early on
that he had no clue about what made Elvis so popular.
"Heartbreak Hotel" was a number one hit, his first
Elvis Presley was on its way to becoming a
million seller.
Still what escaped Parker was the reality that the single and the album were not bought by the people who come to see an orchestra playing tunes from the Broadway show
'Oklahoma' or a comedian's shlick.

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