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June 19,  2017   -    Elvis Express Radio
With the 40th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing comes a really special limited edition release that we think will become a sure fire must have addition to any collectors want list.

Record players sold today are increasingly adding the 78RPM speed to the norm and these 5 magnificent Sun 10” (inch) replica singles play at 78RPM.

This is the first time since Elvis Sun replicas produced in the 1970’s, that have been made to play the original 78RPM speed. Since then some were only made at 45rpm.

We're informed that not only do each of the 5 Sun replica 78s have the original etched numbers included with the appropriate song sides, each one is by far the most authentic
looking reproductions of the original 10 inch Sun 78 Records ever made available.

Each of the Sun labels are perfectly reproduced in size, accuracy and color.

All the black vinyl 10 inch 78rpm singles come in the same type of brown sleeves as sold with the originals back in 1954 & 1955.

The sound quality is said to be excellent with the original Sun sound recordings (including That’s All Right - pre RCA reverb) and is pressed on heavy stock vinyl.

Although there is no actual number given, these exciting black vinyl repro's are being produced in a strictly low limited quantity.

But if these were not collectible enough, there is an even extra low limited number release of Elvis' original Sun 78's in a CRYSTAL-CLEAR vinyl version each to be house in a clear
polybag. These 5 totally clear vinyl editions bring a rare first time ever for any Elvis Sun single replica produced.  

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