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June 05,  2017   -    Brian Quinn  /  Elvis Express Radio
'Elvis at Madison Square Garden' is the New Book and CD from FTD and Flaming Star that will see a release in August during Elvis Week.

This project was first announced almost a year ago back in July 2016 by Flaming Star publisher Pål Granlund.

As the title says, the book focuses solely on Elvis Presley's historic, record breaking sell out concerts on June 9th, 10th x 2, 11th 1972. The CD that is included within this upcoming
book will be Elvis' live performance on Opening Night, June 9th, 1972 which was recorded by an audience member.

Back in June 1972, Pal Granlund was in New York City for the Madison Square Garden concerts and even got the huge pleasure of meeting Elvis back stage, which you can see in
the images below, as he presents him with a new Platinum Album Award. We would assume that the book will include Pal 's own account of his meeting with Elvis, the concerts and
many great photo's?

The book will be released for Elvis Week 2017.

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