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May 17,  2017   -   Autoevolution /   Elvis Express Radio
BMW’s Classic division has announced that everything is set for the return to the USA of the 507 Roadster that once belonged to Elvis Presley.

The King of Rock ’n’Roll bought the car back when he was serving his duty in the U.S. Military in Germany, and the same body was recovered many years after it was presumed to
have been lost for good. Two years of painstaking restoration have led to the result that can be seen in the photo gallery.

Thankfully, BMW is a company that can afford to make a labor of love like the restoration of a car like this, which would have been a financial burden on the average car enthusiast.

BMW Group Classic’s specialists have stripped the roadster to bare metal, and completed a restoration that went from the first to the last bolt of this lone vehicle.

Once delivered in “Feather White,” it was painted red after Elvis got tired of wiping phone numbers written in red lipstick on his car. It was then shipped to the USA, and it was
believed to be lost after The King sold it.

BMW’s 507 was a rare car in itself, but finding the example that was owned by Elvis Presley makes it priceless. The same vehicle was raced by Hans Joachim Stuck in hill climb
events in Germany before being sold to Elvis.

The 507 with the body number 70079 was also exhibited at the 1957 Frankfurt Motor Show, London Auto Show, and the Torino Motor Show of the same year.

It is worth noting that this vehicle was found thanks to the efforts of Jackie Jouret, an American journalist who writes for Bimmer magazine. She discovered that Elvis’ car was not
brand-new, but that it had a history, which helped track down this example that has since been fully restored.

BMW only made 254 units of the 507 Roadster, and some of them had famous owners, including John Surtees, Alain Delon, and Ursula Andress. Elvis’ car will not be at its first
Concours d’Elegance, as the same example won the 1958 Wiesbaden “beauty competition for automobiles.”

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Elvis' BMW takes pride of place at BMW with this display.....Such a shame they still felt the need to dress up people in chumpsuits.