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May 16,  2017   -   EPE  /   Elvis Express Radio
It's often been said over the years that IF EPE could ever get away with charging fans to visit the grave site of Elvis at Graceland, they would jump at the chance.....well, just in time
for this years "ETA Week" - no sorry, that's a typo, I meant to say "Tribute Week", which marks the 40th year since Elvis passed away, fans can now pay out a rather hefty sum of
money to be able to be the first "group" of fans to be able to walk up the hill to pay their respects.....or should that be "PAY UP to pay their respects"?

So what's going on? Remember, it's against the law to charge an entry fee to a grave site. So how can EPE possibly charge money to visit Elvis' grave during the candlelight vigil?  


Available for the first time is the chance to buy part of a few "Very Limited Available Spaces" for the 2017 Elvis Week, you can be part of the
ELITE Fan Package which will cost a
whopping $1,500.00! NO, that is not a typo, each ticket will cost you, One Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars EACH.

OK, what do you get for your money? Below is everything EPE says your money will entitle you to. EER has added the individual ticket prices for reference information.

Experience Elvis Week (IMP Week) like a VIP with this special package that offers the best seating, Graceland Ultimate VIP tour and can’t-buy experiences.

The Elvis Week Elite package features:
Ticket for ELVIS: The Wonder of You Concert at the FedExForum on August 16 [seating in first four rows] ($225 Non-VIP)
VIP reception on August 16 prior to ELVIS: The Wonder of You Concert ($300)
Motor-coach transportation to/from Graceland/FedExForum for ELVIS: The Wonder of You Concert on August 16

Reserved, assigned front-of-the house seating at the following Graceland Soundstage events:
Elvis Presley Fan Club Presidents’ Event ($20),
The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Celebration Concert ($40),

Elvis 101 ($20),
Salute to Sun Concert ($30),
Official Graceland Insiders Events ($50),
A Band of Legends Remembers Elvis Concert ($40),
Conversations: Friends and Family ($25),
Elvis Songwriters Showcase ($30),
Conversations: In the Studio ($25),
Conversations: Elvis in the Movies ($25)
Conversations: The Elvis Connection ($25)

Plus general admission seating at the....
Elvis Fan Reunion ($25)
Elvis Week Dance Party ($25)

Ticket for Ultimate Graceland VIP Tour to be scheduled during Elvis Week* ($159)
$150 in food vouchers for Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex**
Access to Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment complex on August 11-19
Elvis Week Parking Pass good for Graceland parking on August 11-19
Elvis Week Collectibles Pack valued at $50
Reserved line placement for Candlelight Vigil***
Dedicated on-property shuttle service between Guest House and Graceland (8:00 AM – 11:00 PM)
Elvis Week Property Pass**** (Property Pass is not for sale, but FREE with any ticket purchase that includes Elvis Presley’s Memphis).

* Scheduling of tour subject to availability. If booking online, guest must call Graceland Reservations to schedule.
** Food vouchers will be provided in $10 increments. No cash back on unused portion of voucher per transaction.
*** All Elite Package guests will be placed in the Candlelight Vigil procession at 9:15 PM.
**** Elvis Week Property Pass is not for sale, but free with any ticket purchase that includes Elvis Presley’s Memphis.

The pass allows access to all non-ticketed parts of the property including the Elvis Week Entertainment Tent, free parking after 5:00 p.m, and more.

Now then, we've added everything together and it appears that when you pay out the $1,500.00 for the ELITE Package, you get all of the above which if you buy them all
individually would cost a total of $1,039.00 = $461 CHEAPER than the ELITE Package. So does this mean you would be splashing out $461 to jump the queue at the Candlelight

Every year, thousands of fans wait in line in order to slowly walk through the famous gates, up the long drive and one by one pay their personal respects to Elvis at his grave. Many
fans start to wait in line several hours before the Candlelight Vigil starts.

But now, those fans will be all but ignored as those "ELITE" few who can afford the $1,500.00 price tag will be ushered past those fans who will have waited for hours in the usually
scorching August heat......Let's forget the "ELITIST" queue jumping for the moment, the FACT that EPE have found a way to get money out of a "LIMITED NUMBER" of fans to visit
Elvis' grave is about as low as they can ever go.....maybe?

E.E.R's Tony 'News Hound-Dog' Stuchbury puts forward a view, which looks at EPE's thinking on a more business front and as he points out that this whole no need to queue ELITE
package is a good business decision though, think about it?

As a business, EPE don't want those fans with all the money to pay for this kind of package stood in a line all day doing nothing, when they could be in the complex spending their
money without fear of being at the back of the line for the vigil later that day.

This way EPE have got money twice over, they paid to have line priority and access AND they've been spending elsewhere not standing in that line.
Like I said a very good business decision.

What EPE fail to realise is that many fans see themselves as part of an Elvis fan family, for years it's been smaller and more personal, sure it's been about money all along, but not
on this scale and so obvious to all. They have lost the soul of the fans and many are FINALLY beginning to see how it works .

Like I said, just a BUSINESS, and they play on your love of Elvis.


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