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May 16,  2017   -   WREG  /   Elvis Express Radio
Two men are accused of pretending to be housekeeping staff to enter rooms at the Guest House at Graceland.

Officers were called to the hotel around 6 a.m. Sunday, where a security worker relayed complaints about men entering rooms, posing as housekeeping staff.

He said he saw the suspects driving toward the exit, and police were able to detain them.

The security worker told police one of the suspects used to work at the Guest House at Graceland but was terminated and banned from the premises.

The Guest House at Graceland clarified neither suspect was an employee; they were contract agency workers, one former and one current.

The hotel said it is terminating its relationship with that temp agency.

Police said one of the suspects had a master key card in his possession as well as stolen property.

Security footage showed the two suspects went into multiple rooms, police said.

The Guest House at Graceland said the stolen property was returned to the guests and the controlled-access system was reset right away.

Police did not give the names of the suspects.

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