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May 06,  2017   -   MDJ Online   /   Elvis Express Radio
Elvis has come to Cobb.

Well, at least a couple of pieces of his favorite jewelry has, anyway, and they’ll be for sale among hundreds of other items dating back to the early 1837-66 Victorian era at the
Cumberland Diamond Exchange starting at 10 a.m.

A 14-karat gold Waltham pocket watch with a gold-filled chain and fob, given to Elvis Presley by movie star Michele Carey, is the most expensive piece of the collection, priced at a
cool $28,975. Carey and Elvis starred in the musical comedy, “Live A Little Love A Little,” in 1968.

It’s among 300 celebrity items and 400 other rings, cuff links and necklaces that go on sale at the Cumberland Diamond Exchange. The collection is owned by Manhattan-based
Singer Estate Collection, which has partnered with the Smyrna store to sell the eye-popping merchandise.

“We buy the items at auction, Sotheby’s and Christie’s,” said spokesperson Rebecca Lantz. “We go to only the independent jewelry stores, the smaller the better, and Cumberland
is in a big city.”

If you’re a celebrity buff, there’s a plethora of cool items on sale, including a yellow-gold-filled tie pin that belonged to Elvis and is priced at $5,250.
The sale is not an auction, and its prices start at $500.

There’s an 18-karat yellow gold Gucci link chain, given to Mia Farrow by her one-time husband Frank Sinatra, that she wore around her tiny waist. And also an 18-karat yellow gold
box engraved “For a Wonderful Friend” that was a gift to Farrow from the late Yul Brynner. It’s going for $11,495.

And if you’re interested in a collector’s item worn when Brynner and Sinatra were pups, you might fancy an 18-karat yellow gold and rock crystal Gubelin watch that sells for $9,450
and which was owned by early film star Mary Pickford.

And Elizabeth Taylor fans, you’re in luck. The store has a pair of her 14-karat gold dangle earrings priced at $25,375. And a second pair, owned by Ms. Taylor and described as
floral peacock cameo dangle earrings, is priced at $26,250.

Other celebrity items include:
♦ An 18-karat white and yellow gold leaf-bow motif brooch with green enamel owned by the late Joan Rivers is set to fetch $8,250.

♦ An 18-karat Paul Buhre wrist watch with a black alligator strap engraved “to Bob With Love and Affection Helen and Al Nov. 10, 1963,” is priced at $4,195.

♦ A gift from Jack Lemmon to Tony Curtis, stars of the film “The Great Race.” It’s a 14-karat yellow gold pocket watch with chain, engraved “Presented to Leslie Gallant III by Leslie
  Gallant II given to him by Leslie Gallant I” priced at $13,250.

♦ Gold cuff links given to Bob Hope by Tony Bennett, engraved “To Bob Hope from Tony Bennett” for $10,575.

♦ Two platinum “eternity bands” accented with .85 carats total weight of rubies, owned by Shirley Temple Black. $3,995 each.

♦ Earrings once owned by film star Greta Garbo, $9,875.

♦ A yellow gold USA ID bracelet engraved “Jerry Lee Lewis King of Rock & Roll” for $4,395.

♦ A 30-inch pearl necklace with a 14 karat white gold clasp owned by Sid and Florence Caesar. $2,450.

Lantz said the other items include rings, bracelets, pins, necklaces and cuff links. The pieces are antiques, some from the early Victorian period starting in 1837, others from the
Edwardian era of 1901-1910.

“We’re going to have seven or eight showcases of this,” said store general manager Prentice Johnson. “We’ve called some clients but anybody can come in.”
Needless to say, he added, security has been beefed up though “it’s always secure here.”

Mark Jacobson, president of the store and a founder, said “we have many collectors and treasure hunters who frequent our store almost on a weekly basis, just to see what we
have, the treasures we have found.”

He said his business often has “the opportunity to purchase directly from the estate” of families and “find it much easier to share the proceeds rather than select jewelry that is not
wanted by anyone of the heirs.”

Other celebrities whose items are on sale include Dom DeLuise, Farrah Fawcett and a gift to Jon Peters from Barbra Streisand.
“I’m excited about the non-celebrity pieces, too,” said Johnson, thumbing through a suitcase of items. “Prices start at $500, but there are pieces at all ranges.”