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May 04,  2017   -   ROCK107   /   Elvis Express Radio
This weekend, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh will head to Memphis, Tennessee, to participate in a special fan experience at and near the late Elvis Presley's newly renovated
Graceland mansion that runs from Saturday, May 6, through Monday, May 8. Among the main highlights of the three-day excursion, dubbed "Joe Walsh All Shook Up at Graceland,"
will be an intimate acoustic show Walsh will play at the new Guest House at Graceland hotel that will include an in-depth Q&A session.

Joe tells ABC Radio that he's particularly looking forward to the performance because of the open-ended nature of the event.

"I've always wanted to get in front of an audience and not have to do anything, just be me," he maintains, adding, "Anything's liable to happen...and it'll be some quality time -- me
and the people who come."

Walsh also reveals that he plans to share some "wonderful" stories about Elvis with those who attend his show.

Asked whether he's always been a fan of Presley, Joe declares, "Well, yeah! I went to see Love Me Tender, the movie, when I was about five, and from then on I thought he was
about the coolest guy on the planet. I wanted to be like Elvis and I guess that planted the seed of me being on stage today."

The vacation package also will include a photo opportunity with Walsh, themed parties, a tour of the Graceland mansion accommodations at the Guest House at Graceland and

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