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April 21,  2017   -   Email  /   Elvis Express Radio
"Elvis & The Colonel" by Darrin Lee Memmer is an A4 format, 200-page project dedicated to EIN honorary president and Aussie superfan Mr. Nigel Patterson.

This soft cover features groundbreaking content from the Colonel's "For The Record" interview with 2 astute, take-no-prisoners criminal investigators (Mr. E.L. Hutchinson, Jr. and
Mr. David N. McGriff) from the Shelby County District Attorney General's Office.

Rest assured that this is no whitewash or rose-colored approach to biography; nah, just the most contemporaneously-rich, fair-minded & engaging collection of material about
Colonel Parker to be assembled in one place.

So, for the 1st time in your life, you have an opportunity to soak up a tsunami of never-before-published quotes by notable figures including Mac Davis, bodyguard Sam Thompson,
Billy Goldenberg, John Hartmann, Hal Blaine, "Bones" Howe, John Wilkinson, Grelun Landon, two-time beautiful co-star Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig, NBC-TV Special visionary Steve
Binder, Minnie Pearl, Sam Katzman, Ron Jacobs, bodyguard Red West, Jerry Schilling, Joe Pasternak, Las Vegas Hilton VP Henri Lewin, Freddy Beinstock, songwriter Jerry Leiber,
Joe Guercio orchestra member/tour conductor Marty Harrell, CMA President Jo Walker, Hubert Long, Johnny Rivers, Pete Johnson, Bill "The Incredible Hulk" Bixby, and, of course,
The Chief Potentate.

"General de Gaulle and The Colonel," as told by SINGER presents ELVIS producer/director Steve Binder. The Colonel tells this fantastic story. He used to get calls from all over
about Elvis performing for troops. And he gets a long-distance phone call from General de Gaulle, who has an interpreter on the line. Then, de Gaulle's interpreter says: "The
general would like Elvis to perform for the French army."

The Colonel says, "you got it. But there is only one thing." He said, "I have to charge General de Gaulle the exact same amount of money to perform for the French army, as I would
charge President Eisenhower to have Elvis perform for the American army." De Gaulle's interpreter tells de Gaulle, and then says, "the general would like to know how much?" And
the Colonel says, "three hundred and fifty-thousand dollars ($350,000)," ...The Colonel hears de Gaulle say, in English: "That's A LOT of f*ckin' money!"

Two Highlights:
1. Uncovered! The "I do drugs" quote attributed to Elvis (via Colonel) - is erroneous. Col. Parker's actual words to the criminal investigators:(Quoting EP) "I don't. I don't do drugs. I
don't. I don't tell you what to do with your personal life. I don't interfere with it. I don't want you to get involved with my personal life. Colonel, no disrespect..."

1a. So, sadly for 25+ years, superfans like Geoffrey McDonnell have been led astray.

2. The most comprehensive presentation of The Guardian ad Litem's Amended Report (Blanchard E. Tual vs. Colonel Thomas A. Parker) & The RCA "Masters Buy-Out" to appear
in a biography.

He is a very demanding man, but a very hard worker. Colonel Parker can read you like a book as you stand and talk with him. He is very astute. A tremendous businessman. If I had
to select anyone in this amusement field - and I've been through it from 1912 on up - I would select him to make deals. I don't think anyone has bested him on a deal.

The guy was a very smart man. In fact, I'd call him - to me, he is a genius. Because he doesn't miss a trick. He does everything right. He was always around, somewhere. You'd
never know where he was gonna be. The Colonel was always there. He kept the whole thing rollin'.

A gentleman. We [The Hilton Hotel] have the highest respect for him.

Colonel Parker is the most fearless business personality of anybody in the world. Nothing fazes him. He is dauntless. An inscrutable man.

The Colonel is an elephant among fleas of the business. The king of the jungle."

ELVIS AND THE COLONEL By Darrin Lee Memmer is available to buy from
Amazon or other book suppliers.