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April 13,  2017   -  By Kayla Hawkins for the Bustle   /   Elvis Express Radio
In its debut season, the CMT series Sun Records shows the early stages of young Elvis Presley's journey to eventually becoming the "King" of rock and roll. The season finale airs
April 13, so it's time to start wondering whether or not Sun Records will return for Season 2. Overall, the outlook looks good for a possible new season, but CMT has not announced
either a cancellation or a renewal.

The reviews for Sun Records were mixed, with Sonia Saraiya from Variety calling the series "sanitized," but also noting that the the plots centered around artists like Presley, Ike
Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash would appeal to "a fan of the era’s music or a history buff." And the ratings for Sun Records started high, per Deadline, improving on the
episode of Nashville that preceded it. But according to TVSeriesFinale, Sun Records' ratings dropped about 50 percent throughout the course of the season.

Another element to consider is that Sun Records was conceived as a "limited-run series," according to The Tennessean's December announcement that the show would be
premiering on CMT. Does "limited-run series" mean that Sun Records is finished after its first eight episodes? If so, that might be the only thing standing between this series and
another season. Because CMT seems devoted to scripted musical dramas right now, especially after bringing Nashville back from cancellation and renewing it for Season 6.

CMT isn't the only network interested in the music business. Sun Records may be finished after one eight-episode season, but music business drama of every genre is being
explored in several other shows.