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April 08,  2017   -   The Herald   /   Elvis Express Radio
Most of you will know who Leo Sayer is, but for any who don't know who he is, he's a British-born singer-songwriter musician, and entertainer (now an Australian citizen and
resident) whose singing career has spanned four decades.

Sayer launched his career in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, and became a top singles and album act on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1970s. His first seven hit singles in
the United Kingdom all reached the Top 10 – a feat first registered by his then manager, Adam Faith. His songs have been sung by other notable artists, including Cliff Richard  

Sayers career peak came in 1977, when he achieved his first number one single in the United States & Canada. It was the massive disco hit,
"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"
which peaked at #2 in the UK & Australia.
'You Make Me Feel Like Dancing' went on to become a Grammy Award winner for the 1977 best Rhythm and Blues Song category.

During this time, Sayer gained some very high-profile fans, but none were as high-profile as one in particular, Sayer's explains;
“I was in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin, in 1977,” he
recalls of the outdoor stage built high on a platform.
“I leaned against a rail talking to someone and fell 27 feet and landed on my leg.

“I was in and out of hospital for months. But the show did go on.”
Until he got to Memphis, Tennessee. “I was in the dressing room and my knee went and I crawled into a ball and
couldn’t get up. I was carried off by a big security guy called Michael who’d once played for the Miami Dolphins and I heard he had an important boss.

“He didn’t tell me who his boss was, but the next day his boss called me. It was Elvis Presley. He came on the phone singing 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancing', down the line. ‘I love
that song, man!"

Then Elvis said, "Michael has been looking after you. I hear you’re a great guy. And you need to come over to Graceland.’ I was stunned, and got ready to go to spend a few days
with Elvis and his girlfriend Ginger. But the next morning I heard on the radio Elvis had been taken to hospital and died".

“Years later, I began to think I must have dreamt the whole thing. But I met Ginger at a dinner in London, and she said ‘Elvis had been so excited at the idea of spending a few days
with you.’ I had tears in my eyes when she said that.”

So there we have it, Leo Sayer revealing this unbelievable story direct from his own mouth. However, Unbelievable is the word that really stands out here. Now then, there are
plenty of stories told by celebrities about their encounters with Elvis and several seem to feel the need to make their times with Elvis more than what they really were, so is there any
truth what so ever in Leo Sayers story about being invited to spend a few days at Graceland with Elvis?

It is true that Leo Sayer performed in Memphis in August 1977, in fact he was playing Dixon-Myers Hall the weekend (13th) before Elvis' death. But regarding Elvis calling him and
singing 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancing' down the telephone to him will never been known 100% either way, BUT, Sayers says he was invited by Elvis to send a few days with him
at Graceland?  

The time-line for the whole event means that Sayer would have been getting ready to go stay at Graceland on August 16th 1977, but in the morning he heard on the radio that Elvis
had passed away. Now, of course he could not have heard the news of Elvis' death on the morning of the 16th due to the FACT that Elvis was announced dead at 3:30pm
(Memphis Time), but we can forgive time anomalies, after all it is 40 years on.......But again, keeping to the historic time-line, Leo Sayer would NEVER have been going to spend a
few days at Graceland with Elvis and Ginger because if Elvis had lived, Ginger was to stay in Memphis while Elvis would be finalising preparations for the next tour, his 6th for '77,
which was scheduled to start on the 17th in Portland through to the 28th ending in Memphis.

It's clear to see that there is no way Leo Sayer would have been invited to stay with Elvis at Graceland from August 16th for a "few days". The only conclusion is it's yet another
case of the "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda's".