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April 07,  2017   -   Naples Florida Weekly   /   Elvis Express Radio
We're all aware that 2017 brings a huge Anniversary in the Elvis story and that's the 40th year since we lost the single greatest entertainer the world has ever known, and such a
milestone was bound to bring out all kinds of projects. Now think back a couple of years, David Stanley announced he was to be making a film all about he and his brothers growing
up at Graceland. Well that movie never actually got off the ground - and after the awful movie 'Protecting The King', was there any surprise?

Anyway, in the 40th Anniversary year, David and the boys are back, this time it's to turn 'Growing Up Graceland' into a television series and they need YOU, the fans to make it all
possible. Fans are invited to make "donations" to fund the production of a TV Pilot, and each donation amount brings differing rewards, starting from as little as $25.00 all the way
up to a whopping $10,000

There are 8 donation packages available, for the $25.00 one,  you will be made part of the Growing Up Graceland "Family" and member of The Official Growing Up Graceland Fan
Club. Your name will posted on the GUG website and you will receive Exclusive GUG Production Updates. Which EER can only assume means Emails?

BUT, for the top $10,000 package you get the GUG Memphis Trip|Tour.... Where someone is promised a weekend trip to Memphis, TN which includes a tour of Graceland with your
hosts Billy, Ricky and David Stanley on Saturday followed by a private dinner. On Sunday you will attend a private screening of the Growing Up Graceland Pilot followed by a private
cocktail party.

Gifts Included: • GUG Production Updates • GUG Script • GUG Production Crew T-Shirt • GUG The Book • GUG DVD|Special Thanks Credit • GUG Extra Appearance •
GUG Set Visit & Screening • GUG Series Poster and join the GUG Fan Club.  Cool huh?

So, here is what the production is all about...

Billy, Ricky and David Stanley moved into the Graceland Mansion in Memphis, TN., in March of 1960. Soon after, their divorced mother, Dee Stanley, married Elvis Presley's
widowed father, Vernon Presley.

Bewildered and unaware of who the rock icon was the boys became the stepbrothers of Elvis Presley, arguably the greatest and most beloved entertainer ever.  Elvis, who had just
returned from Germany, welcomed the boys by picking them up and saying to his daddy, "I've aways wanted a little brother and now I have three."

Over the next 17 years the boys would grow up at Graceland and  Elvis would shower them with his love, attention and gifts.  To the boys Elvis would become more than just a
brother... he would become their father figure, mentor, best friend and later boss.

Now, 40 years after the passing of the king of rock & roll the Stanleys come together to relive the fairy tale life they lived while growing up as Elvis's brothers in the all new TV Series
"Growing Up Graceland." Produced by Academy Award Winning Producer Gene Kirkwood "Growing up Graceland is the true story of their extraordinary bond…. the profound
impact they had on each other…. and how their unforgettable relationship altered their lives and the lives of those around them.

Billy Stanley has been pushing the project on his Facebook page -
"This project is for the fans, and helped made by the fans... Think of the bragging rights you"ll have when it
comes out... When you and your family and friends are sitting there, watching the show... You can stand up and proudly say... I helped make this show... So, show your love for
Elvis, and contribute what you can."

However, a couple of days after the fund raising launch, Billy Stanley caused some anger after allegedly criticising fans for not making more donations to show their love for Elvis?
The very next day Billy posted,
"I'll like to apologize to you... Yesterday I asked why the contributions weren't going as fast as I thought they should... I didn't know your financial
situation, nor is it any of my business... Some of you were kind enough to tell me, and I'm sorry if it embarrassed you, to do so... So, today I come before you and ask for your
forgiveness... I'm truly sorry... I've delete the status."

Growing Up Graceland: TV Pilot
The untold story of 3 boys moving into Graceland and becoming the stepbrothers to Elvis Presley needs to raise ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Dollars within 25 days from now (7th)
and so far there has been $545 raised by 12 fan-backers.

Check out the trailer and see how many different films & TV shows have been used to make the trailer look like something. Look out for Elvis The Movie, This Is Elvis, Forrest Gump,
and others.
Visit the production site