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April 06,  2017   -   Naples Florida Weekly   /   Elvis Express Radio
We here at Elvis Express Radio are excited to share the news of a brand new book project that Elvis fans have been eager to delve into for years. And that is the man who is said to
have recorded hundreds of Elvis concerts direct, that man was the Kings concert sound-man, Bruce Jackson. Below we welcome Elvis Matters to fill you with the details...

The richly illustrated large-format book SIX YEARS ON THE ROAD WITH ELVIS delves deeply into sound-man Bruce Jackson’s life travelling with the Elvis Presley Show.

'I mixed and ran the sound for Elvis for six years until his death on August 16 1977. I was 22 when I started working for him. I did hundreds and hundreds of shows with Elvis across
mainland United States and Hawaii, constantly on the road to the next city or town. In between there were recording projects Elvis asked me to be a part of and stopovers for
rehearsals at Graceland. Over those six years I got to know him on a candid personal level as a friend.' - Bruce Jackson

Written and compiled by the Jackson family using intimate letters and direct quotes from talking tapes recorded by Bruce Jackson back in the day, this book will take the reader on
a previously unexplored journey behind the scenes with new stories, new artefacts, and details never before read about Bruce Jackson, Elvis Presley and his entourage. Richly
illustrated, you'll get an accurate impression of day-to-day touring life through postcards written and posted along the track by Bruce to his girlfriend and family, through fastidiously
collected and preserved tour literature, and what everyone is wondering about: the tapes.
Bruce recorded every show he did with Elvis. It's a fact.

Bruce was warmly welcomed into the TCB inner circle. This is Bruce’s story told in his words, with contributions from family, friends, and colleagues including Roy Clair (co-founder
of Clair Bros Audio). Whilst the release date is to be confirmed, we will post details in due course and let you know how to order your copy of this limited edition.