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April 03,  2017   -   Brian Quinn  /  KSLA-TV  /  Phoenix New Times  /  Elvis Express Radio
April 03rd 1955, 62 years ago today, Elvis A. Presley spent time in the Caddo Parish Jail.

And as with almost everything that involves Elvis, the Louisiana State Police have marked the unique Anniversary of the traffic stop with an official Facebook post.

Louisiana State Police
3rd April
On this day in 1955, a historic traffic stop was made in Troop G when a Trooper stopped ELVIS PRESLEY for a traffic violation on US 171 in Caddo Parish. Presley, who was 20
years old at the time, was going 80 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone while driving a 1954 pink and white Cadillac Europe. Presley was taken into custody and carried to the
Caddo Parish Jail where he posted a bond of $25 for traveling 20 mph over the speed limit.

One can imagine that Elvis may have been on his way to play a concert at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds in Shreveport, where he traveled to over 40 times to perform on the
Hayride’s Saturday night program on KWKH (AM) radio.

So, when Elvis was 20 years old he was pulled over for breaking the speed limit on U.S. Highway 171 in Caddo Parish, down in Louisiana (where apparently, the Alligators grow so
mean ... so I'm told?). Anyway!

The Trooper, by the name of Strange would share his famous encounter many times over the years, here his daughter, Cherie Martin recalled;
"Yes my Father was the arresting
trooper is my Father. He wrote Elvis the ticket. We heard the story over and over again growing up!"

Ok, so let's hear what happened for ourselves;...April 3rd 1955, Elvis Presley is stopped by State Trooper Nolan Strange for speeding on U.S. Highway 171 in Caddo Parish   
outside of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Elvis was driving a 1954 four door pink and white Cadillac at 80 mph in a 60 mph zone.
"I turned around and followed him for eight miles at speeds of 65 to 80 mph ...," says a
statement written by trooper Strange. Elvis was ordered to post a $25 bond and notified to appear in court for arrangement on Tuesday, April 5 1955.

Official Police records show that on April 5, 1955 Elvis had his name was called three times at the Caddo Courthouse door but he failed to appear. Elvis was a 5+ hour drive away in
Charleston, Mississippi where he was to appear at the Charleston High School Gym. This resulted in the forfeiture of the bond.

Click here to view all the legal documents about his arrest.

We know that this event actually took place, we have official documents to back everything up. But there is another speeding event which is alleged to have taken place a couple of
years on which is not so officially recognised.

I Arrested Elvis Presley? Says Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Most, if not all of you have probably heard of Sheriff Joseph Michael "Joe" Arpaio? If you haven't, Arpaio styled himself as "America's Toughest Sheriff". Starting in 2005, he took an
outspoken stance against illegal immigration. In 2010, he became a flashpoint for opposition to Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant law, which was largely struck down by the U.S.
Supreme Court.

Now then, a few years ago, Arpaio made a bizarre claim that he had arrested Elvis Presley when he was a cop in Vegas in the 1950's? At the time, EER contacted the then Sheriff,  
regarding his claim because we were not convinced that he was telling the truth, and we wanted to challenge his story.

Arpaio declined the interview and now, due to this news regarding a speeding ticket in 1955 hitting the news, I thought we'd give you the story as made by Apaio.  During an old
interview, the former Sheriff said;
"My best arrest was Elvis Presley, but I let him go. I took him down to the police station. I guess he conned me out of giving him a ticket? That was
back in 1957"
Arpaio claims this took place while he was a Police officer in Las Vegas?

So why does Arpaio feel Elvis
"conned" him out of a ticket? After all, he calls it his "Best arrest".  Did Elvis give him FREE tickets to see him in concert?  Buy him jewelry? How about
an autograph? I know, a new car?
"No, NOTHING," Apraio growled at one interviewer... "but he gave 10 Cadillacs to narcotics detectives around the country, but I never got one."

As I've stated, as far as I'm concerned, this cop-stop story of Elvis most likely never happened. Let me draw your attention to the rather bold claim made by Arpaio in his book. 'Joes
Law', that he busted the famous 'French Connection'. The truth behind the tale is that the people who were actually involved in this case had never heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

OK, so back to the arrest of Elvis? In his book 'Joe''s Law', Arpaio writes about how he pulled over Elvis Presley in 1957 while he was a rookie cop with the Las Vegas Police
Department. Supposedly, Joe stops Elvis for speeding on his motorcycle, with a beautiful blond woman hanging on to the King from behind.

In the book he writes...
"Maybe because I was young (as was Presley), I let him talk me out of giving him a ticket," Arpaio goes on to say that Elvis then supposedly follows him back
to the Police station where once inside he proceeds to sign autographs for Joe's fellow officers, and apparently Elvis even asks if he could put his motorcycle into the Police garage
to tune up his bike?

It's a pretty cool tale, and Elvis walks away without a ticket or fine which also means there's no paper trail to prove any of this story. Hang on though, all those cops allegedly got
autographs from the King himself, but what about Arpaio? Well, when asked by one reporter if he got a photo or an autograph from Elvis, he responded testily with,
"Why did I need
his? He should've asked me for my autograph."

Remember, this all took place in a Police station in Las Vegas in 1957, Elvis was King of the World and everyone knew exactly who he was, also Elvis as we all know was a true
admirer of the Police and yet no photo's have surfaced, nothing. Plus remember that the ONLY cop not to get an autograph is Arpaio, the very cop that Elvis is supposed to have,
"CONNED" not to give him a speeding ticket?  Stinks doesn't it!

A reporter for the Phoenix New Times looked into this shaggy-dog tale, and officially made an enquiry regarding this claim, a spokesman Bill Cassel of the Las Vegas PD told New
"There's no way to confirm or deny such a story."

Before we close with this, may I draw you attention to something said by dear old Joe Arpaio.....well, two things actually!

Let's focus on something said during the first comment we looked at regarding the Elvis speeding arrest. Arpaio tells us he arrested Elvis and
"took him down to the Police station"
But fast forward to his last book, and we see that this story has evolved, because inside the book he states ... "Maybe because I was young (as was Presley), I let him talk me out of
giving him a ticket ...  Arpaio also goes on to say that Elvis then supposedly follows him back to the Police station
' ... which one is it? Make up your mind!

At a guess, I would say that the earlier claim by Joe Arpaio that his BEST ARREST WAS ELVIS PRESLEY and he took Elvis down to the Police station was just another tale and
when Elvis' fans started to look into the claims followed by the press, Arpaio altered the story by saying that Elvis just took it upon himself to follow the then Sheriff back to his
station. At least this way it accounts for why there is no paper trail ....

Not so much the Right To Remain Silent, more a case of If I Can Dream!

Below are some further examples of how Arpaio has been shown to be not as reliable as many thought ... While his tough stance was welcomed by most, the power appears to have
gone to his head and he has found himself falling from grace.

Arpaio has been accused of various types of misconduct, including...
Abuse of power, Misuse of funds,
Failure to investigate sex crimes, Improper clearance of cases, Unlawful enforcement of immigration laws and Election law violations.

A Federal court monitor was appointed to oversee his office's operations because of complaints of racial profiling. The U.S. Department of Justice concluded that Arpaio oversaw
the worst pattern of racial profiling in U.S. history, and subsequently filed a suit against him for unlawful discriminatory police conduc

Arpaio is an avid Trump supporter and was backed by Trump to continue his investigation into the U.S. President Barack Obama's birth certificate, and his is continuing to claim that
it is a forged document?  

On November 8, 2016, Arpaio lost re-election to Democrat Paul Penzone, who succeeded him as sheriff on January 1, 2017.

Below are a few images of Elvis' personally owned Police Badges.
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