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April 01,  2017   -   The Irish Sun  /  Elvis Express Radio
MAURICE Colgan calls himself the King of Rock and Roll’s biggest Irish fan.

The man from Swords, Co Dublin, was behind getting a statue of a young Elvis Presley erected in his Mississippi hometown.

Now he is on a mission to have The Pelvis remembered on an Irish stamp — to mark the 40th anniversary of his death.

Maurice, 75, said:
“The Dutch have one, the French have one, even Sweden. But Ireland is a bit slow on the uptake. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this years ago.”

And a commemorative stamp might even boost An Post’s profits, with Maurice saying:
“Elvis fans in America, they bought them by the sheet.”

He has been to Elvis’ home at Graceland five times, and recalled the first time he heard one of the King’s songs in 1957.

It was the ballad I’m Playing for Keeps and he was hooked. Maurice said:
“Oh the voice. When I first played the record I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the voice. I hadn’t heard
anything like that. I was transfixed.”

It was Elvis who brought Maurice together with his wife Maureen.

He recalled:
“I was on my way to a night out with the lads, and I was walking by a dance hall and heard Elvis being played and I had a peep through the door. I saw Maureen and her
sister dancing, and Maureen smiled. A life-changing event. Luckily, Maureen was an Elvis fan.”

In 2001 Maurice was in Tupelo, Mississippi. He visited the singer’s birthplace and noticed there were no statues of him.

Maurice said:
“I thought, that’s a shame. If it was in Ireland he’d have a huge thing on O’Connell Street. I wrote to the Mayor of Tupelo, and a year from the day he got my letter a
statue of a 13-year-old Elvis was unveiled.”

But sadly, Maurice' idea to get an Irish Elvis stamp to mark the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' passing will NOT happen after a spokesperson for the Post Office said: "We won’t
immortalise Elvis on a stamp for the 40th anniversary". The spokesperson continued, “We work two to three years in advance, so we're sorry but Mr Colgan should have
approached us a way back. BUT, we would be very happy to hear from Maurice in the future about any future significant Elvis anniversaries. And we promise not to Return to

So there you have it, the Republic of Ireland seen interested in a special Elvis stamp in the future. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what occurs. Until then we at EER can only
say to Maurice, "Continue to TCB-4-EAP"