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March 26,  2017  -  The Advocate /  Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Presley died 40 years ago, but we're still telling stories about him.

Such as this one, from Ron Bordelon, of Rayne:

"My dad's friend Burke Bailey, from Rayne, recently passed away.

"He was an artist, musician, and a karate instructor, among other things. He taught me karate when I was in grade school.

"At one time he lived in Memphis and had a dojo there. Elvis would go over and spar with him.

"One day Elvis observed him breaking concrete plates. Elvis didn't hear about the secret method used to break bricks. The next day he showed up with his hand in a cast from
trying to break a brick.

"Elvis' manager, Colonel Parker, scolded Burke, telling him not to show Elvis anything else 'because that fool would try it.'"