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March 14,  2017  -  Elvis Express Radio
"THE NEW ELVIS PRESLEY'S MEMPHIS REALLY SUCKS!!!" .... That is the title of a new fan shot video taken at EPE's new $45 Million dollar complex across the road from the
Graceland Mansion.

One of the comments made by the person filming is a suggestion that people should not
"come here yet, a lot of empty space...BUT they didn't adjust the price." - We must admit,
the new car exhibit, 'Presley Motors' looks like an improvement with more vehicles on display.

As for the rest of the complex, you'll see in the video how there needs to be a vast improvement. Below is what the video take had to say about the experience....
"We toured the
new attraction, Elvis Presley's Memphis which sits across from Elvis' Graceland home. While we were there, I was told to put the GoPro away or have it taken away.

I was able to capture most of the new museum, which is FAR from complete, by the way. This new place is not done, doesn't have their act together, is very unorganized but still
charges about $60 per person to tour this unfinished attraction.

We still love Elvis and Graceland but the new experience was a real bad experience. We had been here twice before and it USED to be an awesome place to visit! They really
screwed this place up when they made it so big and changed it so much. It used to feel intimate but now feels corporate and nobody there knows what's going on."

Also pointed out is how unorganised the whole set up is and how nobody seems to know what is going on? And as the lady states herself, "Elvis will be rolling in his grave".
Come On EPE, turn this super opportunity into a something to make Elvis Proud and the fans proud......Let's hope that things improves and improves soon, before people hear too
many bad reports and choose to spend their hard saved money by holidaying elsewhere.
Inside the complex - Left we see a sparse wall with a few bits on display.
Right 'Sound Stage A' is a HUGE empty room with a screen showing Elvis concert footage and a few seats positioned in front of the screen. It just looks silly.