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March 10,  2017  -  The Daily Mail Australia  /   Elvis Express Radio
- John 'Sean' O'Malley is part of a Music & Memory program at Blacktown Hospital

- He was described as being 'distressed, angry and agitated' when he arrived

- As Elvis plays his mood lifts and he starts singing, smiling and dancing 

This is the heartwarming moment an 'angry and agitated' dementia patient starts happily dancing to Elvis.
John 'Sean' O'Malley is taking part in the Music & Memory program at Blacktown Hospital in northwest Sydney. 
The program uses the personalised playlists of individuals to help those accessing health care to be happier and more social. 

In the video by Western Sydney Health, Mr O'Malley is described as being 'distressed, angry and agitated' when he arrived at the hospital. But once the headphones are on, Mr
O'Malley is seen clicking his fingers and wiggling his hips to the tune of Elvis Presley's classic, Heartbreak Hotel. 

As Elvis tunes continue to play, Mr O'Malley sings to the camera and begins to smile while dancing with his daughter and a nurse. 'His whole behaviour has changed, so for us at
home we haven't been as worried about how he is going in hospital,' daughter Trish Scerri said.

'We know that his music has brought a lot of happiness while he has been here dancing around the wards.'

Clinical nurse consultant Katie Conciatore said the program allows for a more enjoyable atmosphere for dementia patients. 'Elvis' music just creates a really positive and happy
environment when we have this program running.' 

More than 400,000 Australians are currently living with dementia. Australian dementia rates rise by around 244 new diagnoses a day, according to Alzheimer's Australia.