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Updated: March 10th March 06,  2017  -  The Commercial Appeal  /   Elvis Express Radio
UPDATE MARCH 10, 2017 -  A .357 Magnum purchased by Elvis Presley in 1970 from a sporting goods store in Beverly Hills recently sold at an auction for $175,000.

Original Report, March 06, 2017:
Elvis memorabilia is not only extremely difficult to come by, but it usually goes for quite a pretty penny when it does pop up.

Well, here's your chance to own a doozy. The King's gorgeous gold and silver Smith & Wesson .357 magnum revolver is now being sold by California memorabilia company
Moments in Time.

Five years ago, Outdoorhub reported that the pistol was priced at staggering $275,000. But given its rich history and custom engraving, it might just be worth it to the right Elvis

Elvis A. Presley purchased the above pistol (Serial No.688344) Nov. 6, 1970 from Kerr’s Sporting Goods in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The pistol has leaf and scroll engraving outlined by sweeping borders of inlaid gold and silver with carved ivory handles and bearing the serial number 688344.