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March 04,  2017  -  PBS   /   Elvis Express Radio
Along with his baritone croon and swiveling hips, Elvis Presley apparently was known for his gunslinging. The story goes that as he watched singer Robert Goblet performing on
television one night, he shot out the screen of his 25-inch RCA TV.

“There was nothing Elvis had against Robert Goulet. They were friends,” Kevin Kern, a spokesman for Presley’s home and museum Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, told the
Associated Press in 2006.
“But Elvis just shot out things on a random basis.”

A TV with a bullet hole is one of the items on display in a new $45 million entertainment complex that opened Thursday across the street from the singer’s longtime home,
“You’re getting the full gamut of who Elvis Presley was,” said Priscilla Presley, wife of the late singer, at the grand opening.

EER Adds: Wait a cotton pickin' minute.... I cannot help but think Kevin Kern is telling a nice little politically correct tale here? Elvis was friends with Robert Goulet? So I guess this is
the "official" story now as told by EPE and now part of the "official" history.... OR, is History being re-written once again?

After Elvis' death in 1977,  Goulet made claims that he and Elvis were "good friends" and that Elvis gave him a diamond ring? This story has never really been proven, in fact, when
we asked two of our very dear friends, John Wilkinson and Marty Lacker, the answers we got were as follows; Johnny remarked,
"I never really knew the story behind the whole
Goulet thing? But I do know Elvis did not care for him"

Marty Lacker was able to put a little more light on the story....
"No, they were NOT friends and he never met with Elvis backstage in Vegas while I was around. I do recall hearing
about Goulet going backstage once or twice in Vegas, and when he did, Elvis was always civil to him, just like he was with everyone who ever went backstage.
But in reality, Elvis had
a real dislike for Goulet"

The story I have heard for many years and what I am lead to believe is the accepted history [until EPE want it changed that is], goes like this: The whole Elvis and Goulet feud is said
to have started while Elvis was serving in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany and it's while there, that Elvis is said to have received a letter from Anita Wood, the Memphis Beauty
he'd been seeing prior to his Army induction.

takes up the story...  "While he [Elvis], was in Germany, Goulet wrote something on the bottom of a letter that Anita Wood had mailed to him, Elvis was annoyed (really
annoyed) at Goulet who tried to h
it on Elvis' girlfriend, Anita, while he was away in the Army".

ccording to those there at the time, there were a few things that Elvis did not like about Robert Goulet, some of the things he had mentioned to those around him was Goulet’s
voice, which he would describe as
"unimpressive, monotone and corpse-like" and his stage performances as "Boring". The main reason behind Elvis' dislike of Goulet, all stems from
a rather nasty petty and Childish little message he wrote on the bottom of a letter which Anita sent to Elvis in Germany.

During this time,
Anita worked as at extra on Robert Goulet's show, and the buzz on the set amongst the cast & crew was about the pretty blond extra who was dating Elvis Presley,
the biggest name in the entertainment world and the USA's most famous soldier at that time. Now whether or not Goulet took a fancy to Anita and was jealous, we'll never truly know?
But something made Robert Goulet either send a note to Elvis or as history reports, he added the following comment at the end of a letter written by Anita?

According to reports, Goulet wrote the following
 "Don't worry, Elvis. I'll take good care of Anita while you're gone!"  and so, this is what's alleged to be the reason Elvis disliked Robert
and forced Elvis to use his .357 "remote" to always change the TV channel which aired Goulet’s performance.

Whenever he came across, Goulet on any TV channel, he immediately made use of his a .357 to shot out the TV and it has been reported he used to scream out aloud, "Get that
shit outta' my house!".

Presley’s TV is currently placed on display at Graceland. It was discovered in his father’s office’s attic.
Robert Goulet, The TV Elvis shot and Elvis with the beautiful Anita Wood who worked for Goulet while Elvis was stationed in Germany