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March 04,  2017  -  Tony "News Hound-Dog" Stuchbury   /   Elvis Express Radio
If you've been to Graceland before, you'll have your own memories of fans hanging around the complex opposite Graceland, walking around the stores, having some lunch in the
cafe etc.

Well, that old complex is to be no more and is now replaced by a beautiful new multi-million dollar one. In 2018, EER will be heading off to Memphis and we'll be looking forward to
the possibility of hanging out with other fans
, but sadly that will only happen because everyone must PAY the fee to enter the complex.

Don't forget the $15.00 parking charge (oh yeah, there is NO free parking anywhere.

One fan wrote:
"I did my tour of the new Elvis Presley's Memphis and so far I'm less than thrilled with it. There's very little you can do if you are poor. Practically everything there cost money. You
can't even walk down the street where the theater and sound stages are unless you've bought a pass.

A lot of people are going to disagree with me but I think the old Crossing and Plaza were more suited for the regular fan than the new complex. You can't do very much unless
you're packing a large wad of cash.

It's such a huge disappointment for me. I knew there would be some museum type buildings that would charge but I wasn't expecting to be blocked from walking in front of the
buildings. Basically if you're not prepared to spend a bunch of money seeing things you've most likely already seen at different. I really hope they change this before Elvis Week
because there is very little for the poor fan to see."

On the Rocks Chumpsuit:
"The archives staff did NOT label it at all. I heard people talking about how big Elvis was as they stood there."

Also, take a look at the bad fold in the leather lapel of Elvis' Cisco Kid style waistcoat [below left]. This has not been cared for and stored properly and as a result, the damage to
the leather appears to be irreversible now? Look how it's even displayed, the dress makers doll is tatty, heck, even the Rocks Chumpsuit [below middle] has been given some
material to cover over the crappy looking display doll.

Take a look at the fairground [below right], a few carny games at this exhibit with fed up looking staff waiting to take your money [$5.00 for 3 tries] if you want to have a go at
winning a Teddy Bear? We will be looking to bring you more of a detailed account in the coming weeks by a fan who we hope to bring us a full run through of what to expect for
your money.

Let's just hope that these initial alarm bells are just newly opened hick-ups.......fingers crossed! - Oh and check out the neat little fan shot video below.