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March 03,  2017  -  Tony 'EERs NEWS HOUND-DOG' Stuchbury  /   Elvis Express Radio
Yesterday, 'Elvis Presley's Memphis', the new multi-million dollar complex opposite Graceland opened it's gates to the public and this morning, our News Hound Dog, Tony sent in
the above photo on the left which was doing the rounds on facebook, with fans asking the question.... WTF IS THIS?

Admittedly, our initial response was also one of "WTF?", Just what the hell is that thing doing on display in this lovely new complex? No way did THAT belong to Elvis, so what and
why is it on show?

Let's be honest, after that Chumpsuit which EPE authenticated in their auction a while back which EER jumped on as being a FAKE, anything is possible....Either that or EPE have
really lost the plot and decided to buy the complete collection of dear old Mr Kinard (
see report here)? Mind you, even Kinards FAKE Aloha suit looks better than this one.

But happily, we can confirm that the rather scary looking Chumpsuit is the suit worn by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson when he performed 'Jailhouse Rock' at the 'Rock the Forces'
show held in December last year (see excerpt below).

The photo does not indicate if there is any kind of information with this particular suit, so  it's always possible some EPE bod has put it on display as one of Elvis' jumpsuits LOL?

Is the outfit on display with ACTUAL Elvis owned and worn jumpsuits or is it part of a display of other celebrity worn Elvis suits? Some of you may remember seeing the outfit
Nicholas Cage wore in the movie 'Honeymoon In Vegas' was displayed upstairs at the original 'Elvis Presley's Memphis' restaurant located in the original Lansky Building on Beale

Whatever the answer, let's hope there is very clear signage explaining just what this cheap looking Chumpsuit is all about.