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How Elvis' Daughter Found Herself Struggling to Pay Back Millions of Dollars

February 18, 2017  -  E News  /  Elvis Express Radio
With the shock news we reported yesterday (17th) that Lisa Marie's soon to be 4th EX-husband was under investigation after she found hundreds of what she describes as "Child
Pornography" on his personal computer and if that wasn't enough we find that she is also struggling financially, her fathers loyal fans are somewhat concerned about what this will
mean for the future of Graceland, E-News takes a look at Lisa' financial situation.....

Having a famous father may have its perks. For Lisa Marie Presley, however, it isn't enough to prevent a difficult financial situation.

As the singer-songwriter made headlines this week after opposing ex-husband Michael Lockwood's request for spousal support, court documents are revealing a glimpse into
Lisa's finances or lack thereof.

In official docs obtained by E! News, Elvis Presley's daughter claims that she receives monthly income of approximately $100,000 a month from her inheritance.

According to the singer, her business manager did not pay taxes that caused her to have
"considerable tax liability outstanding from this income over the last several years."
She owes the IRS "one and one-half million dollars, and over five million to the Government of the United Kingdom." In addition, Lisa admits that she owes $250,000 in state taxes
and hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional debt.

As an employee of Graceland, Lisa receives a salary of approximately $4,300 per month that has allowed her to obtain health insurance for herself, Michael and their daughters.

But in an addition obstacle, Lisa claims in documents that Michael
"spent over a million dollars of my separate property funds without my consent." When she confronted him, Lisa
says that her ex-husband
"acknowledged that he had spent that amount on my credit cards."

E! News has reached out to Michael's attorneys for comment on the court filings.

While some fans may know Lisa for her solo albums and hit singles including "Lights Out" and "Dirty Laundry," the 49-year-old says she currently derives no income as a
singer/songwriter and never supported herself from the income made in that profession.

In an attempt to save money, Lisa says she has not taken vacations or traveled in the last year. She has not flown in any airplane in more than 18 months.  Finally, she does not
pay rent or a mortgage as she lives in the home of her adult daughter Riley Keough and her husband.

"I cannot recall the last time I spent money on clothes and shoes of any value," Lisa assured in court documents. The singer ultimately hopes the court will deny Michael's request
for spousal support and attorney's fees.