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February 17, 2017  -  The Mail Online  /  Elvis Express Radio
'I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach': Lisa Marie Presley's twin daughters, 8, in child protective services after she found 'hundreds of indecent
photos' of children on their dad's computer, according to shocking court papers.

Lisa Marie's daughters Finley and Harper Lockwood are in the care of California's Department of Children and Family Services, court documents state

Presley, 49, claims to have found inappropriate pictures and videos on her fourth husband Michael Lockwood's computer

Details are included in court papers filed as part of her divorce from Lockwood, Presley claims police found 80 of Lockwood's devices during a raid on her home.

She says cops still have the devices and claims they haven't been fully analyzed, Presley and Lockwood married in Japan in 2006 but separated last June.

Presley - the only daughter of Elvis Presley - claims she has to pay for two nannies to go along as monitors when her husband visits the children.

Her $300 million fortune, which she claims is nearly all gone, is the subject of divorce proceedings as Lockwood fights for spousal support.

Elvis Presley's twin granddaughters have been taken from their parents by worried social workers after mom Lisa Marie found a stash of disturbing photos and videos of children on
their father's computer, shocking court papers seen exclusively by DailyMail.com claim.

Eight-year-old girls
Finley and Harper Lockwood are now in the care of California's Department of Children and Family Services and a trial has been set for March to determine
their future, Lisa Marie Presley alleges in the papers.

Presley, 49, alleges she found the pictures and disturbing videos on fourth husband Michael Lockwood's computer.
'I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach,' she said in court papers filed as part of her ongoing divorce from Lockwood.

Presley - the only child of Elvis Presley - said in the papers that Beverly Hills Police Department found 80 of Lockwood's devices during a raid on her home. She added the cops still
have them and they have not been fully analyzed.

'My understanding is that Tennessee law enforcement is also conducting an investigation related to the photos and videos that I discovered,' she said, according to the documents.
'I have no idea what else may be on those devices and fear that there are more and worse images and evidence in these un-analyzed devices.

Presley and Lockwood, 55, a musician who has worked with Fiona Apple and Aimee Mann among others, were married in a lavish $340,000 ceremony in Kyoto, Japan in 2006. Her
first husband, Danny Keough was best man. They separated last June.

Presley, who claims
nearly all of her $300 million fortune is gone, said in the papers that she has to pay for two nannies to go along as monitors when her husband visits the

DailyMail.com reported exclusively last month that Lockwood was demanding that a post-nuptial agreement that the two had signed in 2007 should be torn up. That document said
neither party should have a claim on the assets of the other in the event of the marriage breaking down.

But now Lockwood is demanding $40,000 a month spousal support and $100,000 toward his legal costs, saying he was coerced into signing the document. In the new papers, filed
in Los Angeles earlier this month, Presley says she should not pay him a dime.

Lockwood said that Presley claimed she was worth $60 million at the time the document was signed, but he said that she is actually worth more as she did not fully disclose her

In the new papers, Presley - who other husbands were Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage - says she receives $100,000 a month from the trust that Elvis set up for her before his
death in 1977. She says she is also paid $4,361 a month from a job she keeps at Graceland, her father's home in Memphis that is now a huge tourist attraction.

But Presley - whose net worth has been estimated as high as $300 million - cries poverty in the court papers. She even said she cannot afford to pay her divorce lawyer Mark

'I am hopeful that I will be able to pay Mr Gross $5,000 per month over the next three months to maintain his representation through the hearing,' she said.
She said she only keeps the Graceland job to pay health insurance for her, Lockwood and the twins.

Presley said she has been forced to move in with her daughter Riley Keough, the star of TV's The Girlfriend Experience and the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, and even takes out
loans from friends to pay some of her debts.

'Approximately a year ago I discovered that he had spent over a million dollars of my separate property funds without my consent,' Presley said in the court papers. 'When I
confronted (him), he acknowledged that he had spent the amount on my credit cards. I discontinued his access to my credit card at that time. Soon thereafter, I learned that my
former business managers had misused my funds,'
she added. 'While I am still investigating, I understand that there was extreme misappropriation. Additionally, American Express
and other entities are considering legal action against me for hundreds of thousands of dollars that they contend I owe them.'

She said she no longer has anything like the $60 million she had at the time the post-nuptial was signed.

'I am considering all options to deal with the massive debt that exists, caused by my former business manager and (Lockwood). She said Coes Hall, the 11-bedroom, 15th century
manor home she owns in Sussex, England,
'is no longer an asset.' She said that she still owes nearly $5.4 million on it, but it has a fair market value of just $2 million.

'It has a negative value as my former business manager failed to make payments and now the taxes owed are in excess of the value of the property. I will be responsible for any
deficiencies if the property is seized,'
she said.

Apart from the house, she said the only thing she has of value is her jewelry which she estimated to be with a little over $320,000 and a $1.8 million life insurance policy. The only
vehicle she lists is a $3,500 Vespa scooter.

She describes herself as a 'singer/songwriter' but added:
'Currently I derive no income as a singer/songwriter and I have never supported myself from my income as a

She said that since moving back to California after the split with Lockwood she has not had 'stable housing.'

'I lived briefly with my mother, in treatment, and then with friends rent free,' she said. 'I currently live in the home of my adult daughter Riley Keough and her husband. I do not pay
rent or mortgage in that residence, but I do contribute to the household expenses by paying for Riley's housekeeper as well as additional household supplies. In the last year I have
not taken vacations or traveled,
' she said. 'Since we relocated in California in June I have not traveled out of state. I have not flown in any airplane, much less a private plane, in
over 18 months.'

Elvis named his plane Lisa Marie. It is on show at Graceland.