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British rocker Cliff Richard is looking forward to meeting Elvis Presley in heaven after he passes away.

The rock veteran's new single Blue Suede Shoes sees him 'duet' with the late rock and roll legend, who passed away in 1977, having recorded his own vocal and combined it with
an old recording of Elvis singing his 1956 hit.

Despite both being stars of 1950s and 60s rock and roll, Cliff never met Elvis, although he once tried to call on him while the rock icon was serving with the U.S. Army in Germany.
However as a committed Christian Cliff, 76, believes he will go to heaven and find Elvis waiting for him.

"We'll meet up there (heaven)," he tells U.K. breakfast TV show Lorraine. "I'll say thank you very much. When we meet, I don't think it's going to be a difficult talk. Jesus can

Describing his attempt to meet Elvis in Germany, Cliff explains, "Very early on in my career, some friends of mine went to Italy in a car. We went through Germany to come back and
drive. And was it (the German city) Wiesbaden he was at? Anyway we looked and of course we knew this was Elvis' house because all over the fence was 'Elvis, Elvis we love you'
and all that.

"My friend said 'Well you're a fan go and knock on the door and see if he is in'. I went 'Oh, OK'. So I knocked on the door and went up and this big burly guy said yes, what can I do
for you? and I said, 'Is Elvis in?' and it was like saying 'Can Elvis come out to play?' He said 'No he's not.' But that was as close as I got."

The rocker, who last year (16) was cleared after a British police investigation into alleged child sexual abuse, says he is so in awe of Elvis he struggled to record his new 'duet'
version of Blue Suede Shoes.

"It was quite difficult recording the song," he adds. "I've got my headphones on and I'm singing 'It's one for the money' and then I hear Elvis go 'two for the show' and I'm thinking
'Oh my god!' So I sang with this iconic voice in my ears and I now can claim to have sung a duet with Elvis."

Blue Suede Shoes also features on Cliff's latest album Just... Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll, released last November (16).
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February  09, 2017  -  Xpose  /  Elvis Express Radio