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You may recall the superb new mixes that were produced for the 2016 UK Top 20 album, "Elvis: Way Down In The Jungle Room". But what you may not have remembered, or
even noticed was the name behind those fresh sounding new mixes? Matt Ross-Spang.

Matt Ross-Spang was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and began working at the Legendary Sun Studio when he was aged just 16, helping out in the Sun Studio with the tours for
fans and visitors, and stood in the evening working as an intern recording in Sun Studio for artists who were recording making his was up to the Chief Engineer.

Matt wanted to re-create and capture what made Sun Studio great, he championed hard to find, install, and use the same period equipment that Sam Phillips engineered with from
the 1950s.  His years of dedication to Sun, and its signature sound is clear to all... ""I got the same 1940s Presto lathe that I can cut 45s on. All the Ampex, all the microphones are
period-correct to what he used in the day. It's becoming exactly like it was in 1956."

In 2015, Ross-Spang left Sun Studio to venture out on his own as an engineer,
producer and mixer, joining Sam Phillips Recording Service, which is run by Sam Phillips'
. His first project post-Sun was to engineer and mix Jason Isbell's "Something More Than Free" for acclaimed Producer Dave Cobb. This record earned him his
first Grammy Award

Last year
[2016] he remixed Elvis Presley's famous Jungle Room Sessions for the album "Way Down In The Jungle Room'.

The album features master recordings and outtakes from two recording sessions on February 2–8, 1976 and October 28–30, 1976 in the Jungle Room at Graceland, a recording
studio set up by Elvis in the den
of his Memphis home,

The first disc subtitled The Masters features material from these sessions that were later released on From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (1976), and the
subsequent final studio album,
Moody Blue (1977).

The second disc, The Outtakes, features outtakes and "in-the-studio dialog" all newly mixed by Matt Ross-Spang at the Sam Phillips Recording Studio.

A few days ago
Elvis Matters reported that Matt Ross-Spang has remarked that he is currently "working on remixes of live shows and rehearsals by Elvis Presley". This has
rumors to go into the stratosphere  that the live shows and rehearsals are for a long awaited special edition of "Elvis On Tour"?

The 1972 documentary 'Elvis On Tour' was released with rehearsal performances and concert footage of Elvis, and included parts of a monologue of Elvis talking about his career
017 marks the 45th Anniversary of the movie, so maybe a special release could well be on it's way............We'll see!
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