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You may or may not have heard one of the claims made by the ALIVERS that on the morning of August 16th 1977, a black helicopter with no markings, numbers etc was seen by ...
Well, nobody actually knows who saw this mystery helicopter and nobody who was around the Graceland gates or across the road opposite, or living on Dolan etc even bothered to
take a photo of this very unusual occurrence of a large black chopper coming and going.

Now here we are, the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' passing and all of a sudden a photo has come to light which the "Alivers" claim proves beyond any doubt that Elvis IS Alive and this
shows the black government helicopter taking off and flying away from Graceland?

So let's take a good look at this new EVIDENCE?

The black and white image in the middle is what they say is the exciting new evidence? The tone of the image indicates first and foremost that the image has been changed from
colour to black & white. However took the photo would have had to been standing on the Graceland driveway, the very driveway that fans are now able to walk up in the mornings
to pay their respects at Elvis' grave. How would the person taking the photo have been able to get that far up the drive on the morning of August 16th 1977?

So, what else?  Oh the mystery of the magic shrubs and trees - the first photo is thought to show Graceland in the winter of 1976 and the third shows the mansion on August 17,
1977. From the red arrows you can see the vast differences between the photos we KNOW are from 1976 / 1977 and the middle one they CLAIM is from August 16, 1977. When
Elvis was alive, there were larger bushes and more trees in order to give more privacy to Elvis.

The Black helicopter which can be seen in the middle image does not make much sense as to its position. The tale alleges the black helicopter landed at the back of Graceland,
Elvis got on board and it took off never to be seen again???? We've already gone over how the middle photo is NOT from August 16, 1977 but is a modern day image of Elvis'
home, turned black and white and has had a rather dubious silhouette of a helicopter, which kind of reminds me of a Blackhawk, which did not come into American service until
1979. Of course, I am only taking a guess that it's a Blackhawk?

So, the "evidence" that supposedly "proves" there was a secret black helicopter that whisked Elvis away on the morning of August 16th 1977 is helpful in that it, as far as we're
concerned, proves that this alleged photo is FABRICATED in an attempt to add weight to the unproved story of the secret black helicopter.

PLUS - If you wanted to get someone away without attracting too much attention, the last thing you would choose is to land a bloody great big helicopter into the back yard of
Graceland. Talk about attracting attention!

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February  06, 2017  -  Elvis Express Radio
Image 1 = circa 1976/77   /   Image 2 = Alivers claim this photo is from Aug 16 77 & shows the rumoured black chopper that they claim took Elvis   /   Image 3 = Aug 17, 1977