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Sara Ann Patterson Gunter, 77, transformed from this life to the life eternal on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 at her residence in Tupelo.

Sara was an avid Elvis fan. In Elvis' l956 return to the Tupelo Fairgrounds, she got to not only meet Elvis but received a kiss on the cheek from "the King." She appeared in the
definitive documentary of the singer's time in Tupelo, Elvis: "The Return to Tupelo" where she shared the excitement of her association with Elvis.

Sara bacame good friends with EER's very own Tony "News Hound Dog" Stuchbury and even decided to pass on to Tony, her treasured Elvis autograph signed on September 26th
1956 at the Tupelo Mississippi Alabama State Fair.

She met Elvis a couple of times in 1956 and 1957, getting her picture taken both times and treasured them until she passed away losing her battle with C.O.P.D.
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February  01, 2017  -  Tony Stuchbury  /  Elvis Express Radio