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Long time listeners of Elvis Express Radio may well remember our 4-5 year battle of that damn TCB Tour Bus and it's then owner, Bill Kinard. We spent those years fighting to stop
the Bus (along with other items) from being touted as used by Elvis on his Tours across the USA. But in actual fact, Elvis gave friend JD Sumner the down payment needed to secure
the purchase of the bus in July 1976, which would be used by JD and his Stamps Quartet while touring with Elvis (when not flying with the rest of the show members) and for their
own tours after Elvis' passing just a year later.

IF you'd like to read our in-depth Expose' of the TCB Bus and other falsely claimed items associated with the bus or just want to refresh your memory,
go here. But moving on from
where we left off and what we at EER thought was the end at last of Mr Kinards pile of bogus bounty, his back, minus the actual JD Sumner bus, but seems to be once again making
claims that the bus was Elvis Presley's and continuing to make wild claims about other items.

Remember, Bill Kinard sent in an open letter back in 2014 finally admitting he was wrong not to listen to us at EER regarding what is and what is not authenticly owned / used by
Elvis, imagine my SHOCK when our News-Hound Dog, Tony called me up telling me he had sent me a link to a newspaper article in the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper and upon
opening the page I am greeted with Mr Kinard and more claims of the same old stuff (although no longer the bus) and seeking some unknowing wealthy fan to spend a ton of cash
on a pile of highly dubious items.

Right then, lets take a look at just what Bill Kinard claims in the Daily Mail article....

The King's pink and black Cadillac, the white eagle jump suit he wore at his Aloha concert and even locks of his hair:
Florida collectors are selling off their treasure trove of ELVIS memorabilia worth

* Bill Kinard and his wife Linda, both 67, have decided to sell off their extensive collection of Elvis memorabilia
* The decision was made after their son-in-law threatened to throw all of the merchandise away once they die
* Most of the merchandise, Bill says, was acquired by inheritance from two museums
* While the other items came from Elvis's cousin, Charlene Presley, and close childhood friend, Becky Martin
* The collection includes what Bill claims is Elvis's 1957 Cadillac, which could sell for up to $3 million at auction
* It also includes a bloodied handkerchief, wine glasses from his limo, signed posters and 'original' guitar picks

First of all, let's take a look at the reason the Kinards have announced this Sell off?
Bill and Linda Kinard decided to ‘downsize’ after their son-in-law threatened to throw it all away once they die.

Are we supposed to really believe the story that their Son-In-Law is going to happily throw away something that is "claimed" to be worth up to 3million dollars? REALLY? I mean come
on, please, give us a break. Either the sin-in-law is a total moron or the whole story is a ridiculous attempt to try and play on the emotions of Elvis' fans in an attempt to convey the
idea that....
IF we don't sell these things soon, they'll be lost forever once we die....

Right then, let's take a look at the first item which is shown at the top of this page...

The Original Aloha Jumpsuit (As written in the Daily Mail newspaper...)
Bill [Kinard] also owns what he claims is the American white eagle jump suit Elvis wore during his 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert.
'Studded with faux jewels and sequins, it weighs maybe fifty pounds,' he said.
'It's never been professionally cleaned and has Elvis's DNA on it. 'His physician, Dr. George Nichopoulos, examined it and said that it was the real deal and that Elvis had worn it.
He even recognized a stain on the leg.'

Its estimated worth, Bill said, is between $600K to $1 million, despite missing its belt.
Elvis Express Radio News
January 28, 2017  -  Daily Mail   /   Elvis Express Radio
When one Daily Mail reader commented correctly that Graceland has BOTH the original Aloha stage suits, Bill
Kinard replied with.... No, the jump suit is not a replica and Graceland only has "one" of the originals on display.
The jump suit was authenticated by Dr. Nick who was with Elvis in Hawaii and said that this suit is genuine as he
recognized a stain on the leg. He said, the jump suit is full of Elvis' DNA and for us not to clean it.... Hmmm NOT!
In all honesty, I used to believe that Bill Kinard was just a victim of believing the tall
stories of those who first told him about all of the so called "Artifacts" he had
acquired. After all, he was told all about the bus etc by the original owners and the
IMP who used to bus to tour around the States charging fans to go on board and
see all the fake crap inside.

But now, 3 years AFTER accepting he was hoodwinked and should have listened to
us about the TRUTH behind the bus and the many other items [i.e. Jumpsuit,
glasses, tour jacket, Blues Mobile, scarf, etc, etc, etc], to just come out with trying to
sell them all again, even down to trying to sell Keys to that bloody bus announcing
them as Keys to Elvis' Tour bus, I am left with the only conclusion and that he is no
longer a victim of false stories, but is now happy to extend the bull crap to anyone
who will listen.

Now then, regarding this Aloha jumpsuit claim. It is almost impossible to believe how
Kinard can honestly be convinced he is the owner of the very stage outfit that Elvis
wore during his historic 'ALOHA FROM HAWAII' performance?

We confronted the issue of the FAKE jumpsuit with Bill Kinard back in 2009. 2010 &
beyond. But with claims that Dr Nick had confirmed the jumpsuit was the real deal by
recognising a
"Stain" and willing to pay for DNA testing if anyone called the suit a
fake. This made Kinard even more determined to not listen to FACT!

FACT, Elvis Presley Enterprises OWNS both original suits (see right). Also, we're
reliably informed that the suit Kinard has would fit someone of about 5ft or so tall,
Left to Right: Kinard's FAKE Aloha suit - Elvis wearing his suit - Both REAL suits on display at Graceland
when Elvis was around 6ft in height.

Now sadly, Dr Nick is no longer with us but we will say now what we said publicly back then - we were happy to invite Dr Nick to throw his money away on a DNA test on Kinards FAKE
Aloha suit - Kinard also states Dr Nick and son Dean confirmed several other highly suspect items were indeed really Elvis owned. All of which we openly state are FAKE. Oh and
regarding the price tag.....Kinard values his mini fake aloha IMP suit anywhere between $600 Thousand to a cool $1 Million Dollars.

Let's stay with items which Kinard says have been authenticated by the Nichopoulos's which are included in that Daily Mail article...

If having some of Elvis's DNA isn't enough, possibly even better to a hard core fan or collector would be something visible to the naked eye.

That's what some new owner will get with his [Elvis'] red concert tour jacket, which comes with a scarf dotted with a few drops of blood.
'Elvis had nicked himself, used the scarf to dab his cut and so he couldn't give it away like he usually did during a concert,' explained Bill.
In this case a stain of this precious bodily fluid adds value, pumping up the price of the two-item set to a cool $25,000, says Bill.
Possibly even better to a hardcore fan would be something visible to the naked eye - what some new owner will get with his red concert tour jacket
(pictured left, and center, worn by his father Vernon), which comes with a blood-stained scarf (right)
Bill Kinard makes the claim that he owns Elvis Presley's personal summer 'Tour Jacket'? and is selling it along with a blood spotted concert scarf? for $25 Thousand Dollars for the
pair. This is another longtime claim. This is what we originally included in our expose back in March 2010...
"Bill Kinard tells me that Dean Nichopoulos took one look at the jacket
and said, "Yes, this not only is an original red touring jacket, but it was in fact Elvis' red touring jacket.  Elvis had all of them one’s made "like Elvis'. But Elvis just did not wear his that
....  Didn’t wear it that often, how about NEVER!

These tour jackets were created for Elvis' inner circle, the Memphis Mafia etc all had these along with winter versions which were padded and with black leather sleeves. Anyone
with any knowledge of Elvis Presley will tell you that he would not have ever worn this jacket, they were not him, these jackets got designed so that the tour crew stood out. Yes,
Vernon Presley had one, so too did girlfriends like Ginger Alden, the Memphis Mafia etc, but Elvis?  

We asked Rhythm Guitarist, the late great John Wilkinson and friend Marty Lacker, both of these confirmed Elvis NEVER wore or even had a tour jacket. We also asked other band
members and even the person job it was to order the jackets for each of the tour personnel, and all confirmed there was never a tour jacket created for Elvis himself.

But again, Kinard has not allowed FACTS get in the way of trying to make a some money. Back in 2010 I asked Bill Kinard to let me know the name of the manufacturer of the tour
jacket and he did, and the name he sent in his email was
“HOWE of Memphis Tennessee”…. Seeing this left me with a moment of joy as I replied to Kinard with the news that his
email to me confirms beyond any doubt that the jacket is a FAKE due to the FACT that  jackets made by
'HOWE Of Memphis Tennessee'  were produced AFTER Elvis’ death as
souvenirs and that the real summer red TCB tour jackets were manufactured by
'Apollo by Holloway'.

So, you would expect Kinard to do away with the idea of the jacket belonging to Elvis right? Wrong! After a couple of days Kinard wrote back and I immediately regretted telling him
the REAL maker of the original jackets because he's email read.
“I must apologize about the name of the "Red Tour Jacket".  It was my mistake and it’s not a "Howe".  I couldn't read
the label and asked an acquaintance, not "Dean" and they told me they believed it was a "Howe", or something like that. The tag is so old I don't know who could really read it?
I apologize for that”.

Oh come on.... is there really anyone out there who could honestly believe that anyone mistook HOWE of Memphis Tennessee with the name APOLLO by HOLLOWAY. And out
of ALL the names to come out with, the name HOWE was 'mistakenly' read, due to the jackets label being so old & faded it’s “unreadable” and "looked" like HOWE?  - Hmmm what's
that smell? Oh yeah it's total and utter BULLS#@T!

Then we have that blood stained concert scarf? - Again this is a big fat NO WAY! Elvis' concert scarves were NOT the typical scarves, they were actually square in shape and would
have his printed autograph in one of the corners. They were all made by the same company and the scarf Kinard claims to be the real thing is NOT in anyway. Any Elvis concert
collector will tell you the FACT that Elvis NEVER have used this type of cheap looking thing in his shows.

Next are a few more items which Kinard makes claims are Elvis related...
"two locks of Elvis's hair – each allegedly worth as much as $25,000, and a picture of Elvis with slicked back,
red hair and signed to his childhood friend Becky Martin "from Elvis"
. And the third image is described as... "'Original' stereo equipment from Elvis's 1976 tour bus also features in
Bill and Linda Kinard's extensive collection"

Regarding Elvis' hair? One man's guess is as good as the next man's. There are so many claims of Elvis' hair (including some with details of the DNA process to authenticate it), but
this particular one comes with a card. Backed by no evidence what so ever, the logical conclusion for this item has to be one of extreme caution.

The picture of Elvis with
"red hair" and signed to Becky Martin (see here)...Sadly we cannot actually see the alleged signature, but we can see that the photo appears to be cut
from a magazine of sorts and what Kinard calls red hair is in fact, Elvis' natural hair colour of mousy brown. But what about the signature? Obviously we would really like to see a
more detailed image of the autograph, but why oh why would Elvis simply sign some magazine page? Surly he would have signed an actual promo photo for her or magazine cover
etc??? But, what I will say is back in 2001, I was invited by Becky Martin to visit her home in Tupelo, which I did and spent a few hours talking with her about her times with Elvis. The
strange thing is though, when I asked her did she have anything like a signed photo of Elvis or gifts etc? Becky's reply was a NO, in fact I recall her saying something along the lines
of - I never even thought of asking my friend for an autograph - and of course she was right, why would you? Becky passed away in 2004 after a long bale with Cancer and was a
truly lovely lady.

And then we have the cassette deck..Kinard again makes a claim that this Vintage Panasonic Tape Deck is
'Original' stereo equipment from Elvis's 1976 tour bus". Again we can
categorically deny that this tape deck has had ANYTHING to do with Elvis Presley (
see here).

The bus which it came from was NEVER OWNED or USED by ELVIS on any of his tours. The bus was owned by J.D. Sumner and The Stamps, Elvis only covered the cost of the
down payment to enable Sumner to secure the bus he needed. Lets not forget the words of Kinard himself when he wrote to say...
"I admit after all this time I was wrong for not
listening to Lee Dawson and Joe Krien from Elvis Express Radio that the bus didn't belong to Elvis but to JD Sumner"
. And yet Kinard is claiming things like this vintage Tape Deck is
the original taken from Elvis' 1976 tour bus - but let's ignore the FACT that the bus was NOT Elvis', let's deal with that tape deck.

As I said, we can categorically deny that this tape deck has had ANYTHING to do with Elvis Presley. How do we know for sure? Simple, the deck is a
Panasonic AM/AM/FM Stereo
Receiver with Frontloading Cassette Tape Deck Model RA-6500
which was made in Japan in 1978 - so, a year AFTER Elvis passed away.

KINARD enough is enough.... But we shall continue.

Another Daily Mail comment tells us...  
"Elvis movie posters are displayed throughout the house, along with various awards – including a Gold Record Award presented to Elvis by
RCA records for selling more than one million RCA recordings of Blue Suede Shoes"
. Yet another example of Mr Kinard seeing something and trying hard to turn it into some kind of
historic treasure owned by the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

This Gold record (
see here) has been banded around since day one and ever since that day, we have continued to inform Kinard that this 'Blue Suede Shoes' Gold Disc is nothing
more than a commemorative SOUVENIR disc for fans to buy in the gift shops and put on their own walls at home.

This particular gold disc was NEVER given to Elvis Presley, NEVER seen by Elvis Presley, NEVER held by Elvis Presley....it was produced in the late 90's or the early 00's - How do I
know? I have one from the same series, mine being 'If I Can Dream'... of course, IF Kinard still demands his gold disc is a real award, I will happily sell him mine for a good price.

Oh and the TCB logo on the glass, this is no decorative item included for effect. No, this TCB sticker has been stuck onto the glass by some individual trying to make it look
something more than it is.

We're not saying it's not worth anything, Bill Kinard, you could easily sell your souvenir disc through ebay and could maybe reach upto $100 to $150 for it.

Look over to the right ...
"One of Elvis's guitar picks is framed and features prominently in the Kinards’ home".  We are well aware of the actual guitar picks Elvis used on stage over
the years and we can state that we have never seen an example of this style in the Graceland archives or collections of fans around the world. Not being PICKY (lol sorry) but for
us, this is yet another bogus item (
see here).

Up next we have a couple of keys in a frame along with a couple of photo-copies from a newspaper cutting and a picture of the bus (
see here).

The Daily Mail writes...
"Bill says that the keys pictured are to Elvis's 1976 tour bus, which he and his band used on the Taking Care of Business tour". Once again and after the man
admitted we are right that the bus had NOTHING to do with Elvis, Kinard continues to tell the Mail and any unsuspecting fan that it was he's actual tour bus used on something
Kinard calls the
"Taking Care of Business Tour"... What the hell does this man get these fabricated tales from?

Elvis NEVER had any tours with names, but Kinard has dreamt up such blah things like the afore mentioned
"Taking Care of Business Tour" and the "Aloha Tour" ... OMG whatever

Anyway, the famous BOGUS Elvis bus is an MCI but we are 99.9% sure that on the right hand key in the frame, it has the FORD emblem embossed on it.

Also, we are assuming that both keys are for the ignition, but on close examination neither key matches the other. Plus, after doing a search online, we found all Ford keys were for
Ford vehicles and vise versa for MCI. As for the other key... well that is anyone's guess.

There are a few other items that Kinard is claiming are Elvis tresures, which include a couple of red wine glasses which

Kinard describes as...
"two burgundy wine glasses, which Bill says are from Elvis's limo". (see here)

Kinard states on several occasions over the years that these wine glasses, along with the red tour jacket, were found in Elvis' limo? But, ever since hearing this claim, we've asked
yet never recieved an answer regarding this so called "Elvis Limo???"... "What limo?", "Who owned it?", "Where is it Now?"

At the very least we have asked what year these items were found in this limo? However, we have never had a reply regarding this matter [See glasses image above right.]. Oh one
other piece of evidence against the claims regarding these glasses. We're not too sure how they apparently wound up in a limo as claimed, because our very own Joe Krien was
offered to buy these exact glasses several years back by a certain 1st Cousin of Elvis and her husband, to which he declined knowing the claims were totally false.


Here we have Bill Kinards Big Ticket item. In his interview for the Daily Mail, Kinard does throw out a little cover for back-up by wording things like so... "They inherited what Bill
believes is Elvis's 1957 Cadillac, white eagle jump suit, and other Elvis memorabilia".  There we have that magic word don't we, Bill Kinard "BELIEVES" the car belonged to Elvis
Presley, just as he "Believed" J.D. Sumners bus was Elvis' tour bus and was proved wrong and even accepted he was wrong and wished he had listened to us.

Just as he "Believed" the black & white Police car he owned was an original used in the classic movie, 'The Blues Brothers', even though the car he owned was a 1983 Plymouth
Grand Fury and the car used in the 'Blues Brothers' movie was a 1974 Dodge Monaco. Oh and when you also take into account the movie was completed in 1980, 3 years prior to
Kinards fake Blues Brothers police car. But Mr Kinard would not accept these undeniable FACTS and continued to "Believe" his car was the last 'Bluesmobile"

OK, back to this pink Cadillac,
"It has been painstakingly restored to its original splendor by Dale Warrington of Fort Pierce, Florida. To date, $110,000 has been spent on bringing
the car up to its pristine condition, with only the installation of a brake part needed to complete the project. And while Graceland has refused to authenticate it, it carries a certificate
of authenticity from the now closed Yesterday Years Fantastic Museum in Yakima, Washington. While Bill believes the snazzy set of wheels could fetch upwards of $3 million at
auction, he says he'll part with it for a mere $1.2 million"

$1.2 million is what you could call rather wishful thinking, But £3 million is just nothing short of bloody ridiculously laughable, but did the car actually belong to Elvis Presley?

Kinard's car (as shown above) is a 1957 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, while Elvis is pictured with his 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. While Kinard has made suggestions that the picture
shows Elvis with the car Kinard owns, this is not the case.

The easiest way to tell is Kinards car has the 2 chrome blade designs on the middle of the hood, while Elvis' are located on each of the wings about the headlights.

But this does not actually prove anything, and the car comes with a "certificate of authenticity", yes authenticated by the museum that previously owned the car. Now that's what we
call unbiased right????

The same museum that also authenticated the TCB Tour Bus and the original Bluesmobile, both of which were / are NOT what they are claimed to be.

Graceland refuse to authenticate the car and everything else that Kinard claims to be Elvis' personal property, remember, Graceland now offer an authenticating service so if they
felt for one moment these things were authentic, they would happily deal with them.

OK, the certificate of authenticity claims the VIN number is
5762037142 and proves the car belonged to Elvis Presley?  -  However, upon searching for the VIN Number all searches
return the same results.... NOTHING FOUND.

Oh and the other results I get searching for the VIN number is,
"VIN number should be 17 digits". The VIN number on the document is only 10 (see COA here).

What about the other hard evidence that supports the claims made regarding this Cadillac...also on the authentication document it lists the cars original license number,
and that license plate (see here) is also being offered for sale by Kinard, well sort of...

Remember Kinard is selling the Cadillac for a mere $1.2 million, and as stated in the Daily Mail...
"For that price, he'll even throw in the car's original license plates. If sold
separately, he would value the plates at $2,500"
. So, Bill Kinard says that Elvis' original licence, from the pink Cadillac in 1957 is as shown right here on the right.

Why would Elvis have an Oregon licence plate on his 1957 Cadillac when he was living in Memphis, Tennessee?

How come the Oregon licence plate is a modern day design and NOTHING like the Oregon plates from 1957 (
see here).

What about the red Month Sticker on the bottom left of the plate which indicates
1 meaning Month = January. How about the yellow, bottom right indicating 06 meaning Year = 2006

The licence plate holder is also fabricated, look closely at ELVIS at the top and 1957 CADILLAC bottom. Both strips have been added, not very tidy, look at how the strips do not fit
the shaped spaces properly. Oh and Elvis' was a 2 door, while Kinards is a 4 door.

Once again these "amazing treasures" mount to nothing worthwhile to do with Elvis Presley. Yes the Cadillac is truly beautiful, but whoever has invested in the car thinking they will
make a financial killing once it's sold may well be in for the worst wake-up call of their lives. Kinard says he and an investor has so far paid out $110 Thousand to turn this wreck of a
shell into a beautiful looking Caddy. But it's still remains nothing to do with Elvis Presley. In fact, to buy a 1957 4 door Cadillac Sedan DeVille in the same condition and in full
working order will set you back between $30 - 40 Thousand.

But what about IF it was owned by Elvis? Well, a couple of years back, Elvis' 1967 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, the car he took his new wife from Las Vegas back to his Graceland
mansion in Tennessee after their wedding and regularly drove to the 163-acre Circle G ranch in Mississippi where they spent some of their honeymoon, was sold at auction for $55
Thousand, and that particular Caddy had more documentation signed by Elvis than pretty much any other car he ever owned. AND, this car has been in several museums over the
years. Making it unique in among the Elvis owned cars field because it had not been passed through private any collectors until then.  

And just a quicky.....

What sounds amazing and extremely appealing to Elvis fans everywhere is
"4 Concert recording tapes of Elvis's first four years as a performer, dating from the early 1950s, are
featured in the collection, Bill says"
.  -   In the Daily Mail, Kinard has allowed the front of these 4 reels to be photographed, however, we have the reverse of the tapes as sent to us
by Kinard several years back and instead of 4 concert recordings from 1954 - 1955 - 1956 & 1957, they look to be home reel to reel recordings of the famous radio show, "The
Elvis Story" Parts 1 through 4.

All that's left is to once again put out our hands to Bill Kinard and offer him the opportunity to take notice of what is written here and do the right thing and stop trying to sell yet more
non-Elvis artifacts.  

To read the original Daily Mail article and to even leave a message for Mr Kinard just
click here

Kinard claims this is a genuine Gold Award for Blue Suede Shoes
NOT, it's just a $100 gift shop item
Once again Kinard is claiming this is Elvis Presleys Tour Bus, even though he has publicly admitted we
were 100% correct as we proved it was NOT.
Yes, these are the glasses that were offered to Joe by a certain
family member with the claim they were Elvis & Priscilla'? Now have
the tall tale they were found in Elvis' Limo? What Limo?
Talk about picking at thin air! We've all seen the guitar picks used by
Elvis and this sure as hell is NOT like any pick we've seen before
Below are what Bill Kinard is kind of relying on as his proof of proof that the Cadillac is Elvis'.
But in fact what these actually do is give more proof that the car had nothing to do with Elvis Presley
With claims of tapes containing early concerts from his first four years, photos show they actually contain parts 1-4 of the radio show, 'The Elvis Story'
The hair which is claimed to be Elvis Presley's? In all honesty there is just no way of telling!
The "Red Headed" Elvis? picture signed allegedly by Elvis to
childhood friend, Becky Martin
Kinard claims this is the original tape deck used by Elvis on the Sumner Tour Bus.
However, with that exact model being made in 1978, this shows just another example of bogus items.