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So, just how Limited is a "Limited Edition"?

You may well recognise these two items pictured above? On the left is the impressive looking 36 CD set
'Elvis: The Complete Masters Collection' from the Franklin Mint.
And to the right is the 2010 Record Store Day 45 rpm vinyl release of 'Thats All Right' & 'Blue Moon of Kentucky'

The Franklin Mint "Complete Masters Collection" also came with an exclusive Collector's Keepsake - a 45 RPM pressed-vinyl record, absolutely free. This is an authentic re-
creation of Elvis' first single, "That's All Right," originally released by Sun Records.

Since this release in 2009, the Franklin set has become very collectible, but the reproduction Limited Edition SUN 45 became in instant collectors item and recognised as a highly
limited print run.

Now then, let's take a look at the first ever Record Store Day Elvis release which happened to be a 7" 45 RPM vinyl of That's All Right & Blue Moon Of Kentucky.

Released in order to commemorating the King's 75th Birthday! This faithful reproduction of the original 45 now comes with a custom-designed 7" sleeve – exclusive to this release!
Also includes a free Bonus Download of both tracks. Plus, the official
ELVIS MUSIC site, run by Sony Music states - "Special releases and various promotional products are made
exclusively for Record Store Day".

Our News-Hound Dog, Tony Stuchbury contacted us this week after finally finding himself a copy of the 2010 RSD record to add to his collection, and while he was examining the
vinyl, he suddenly realised that he had seen this release before.

Tony went on over to he's Franklin Mint set and pulled out the "Collector's Keepsake - a 45 RPM pressed-vinyl record" and compared the two 45s and found that both of these
vinyls were exactly the same.

So much for the Franklin Mint "Exclusive Collectors Keepsake", and what happened to the "Special release made exclusively for Record Store Day"?

Here is what Tony (News-Hound Dog) Stuchbury reported to us:
This was the USA record store day release in 2010, but on closer inspection now owning a copy myself you can see it was actually pressed in 2009, and it seemed very familiar to
me. After checking another copy of 'That's All Right' in my collection I can confirm it was first released / pressed for the Franklin Mint Complete Masters set, it has the same dates,
cat number/matrix number and info in the run off groove.


So the question now is was this planned from the start or was the 2010 record store day release just a way of off loading leftovers from the Franklin Mint set?
Either way, the Franklin Mint reproduction is far from exclusive as advertised at the time.... unless you count the plain brown paper sleeve they put it in !
The world of Elvis collecting eh?
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January 11, 2017  -  Tony [the News Hound Dog] Stuchbury   /   Elvis Express Radio
Two separate releases yet one in the same - A scan of the 2009 Franklin Mint "Exclusive Bonus" record label & the 2010 "Exclusive RSD" record label