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You’ve heard of Memphis. You’ve heard of and probably been to Graceland if you are an Elvis Presley fan. I’ve been to Graceland and signed the wall, but had never been to
Presley’s birthplace until last week.

During a trip to Oxford, Mississippi, my wife Rhonda and I visited Elvis Presley’s hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi on the drive back from covering the Kentucky-Ole Miss game. We
loved the town and especially touring Presley’s birth home and the church where he learned to play guitar and sing, which later led to a distinguished career in the music field.

The small two-room house where Elvis was born was built for $180 by his father Vernon Presley and the family later attended the Assembly of God church down the road. The
highlight of the tour was sitting in a reproduced church service, a video and audio presentation that made it feel like a church meeting from the 1940s. The property also has a
small museum and a theatre. A documentary paints a picture of the family’s humble beginnings in Tupelo to the move to Memphis.

Once he became a superstar, Elvis bought the property where he was born and tours began in the early 1970s. Many upgrades have taken place in the past four decades, but the
small-town feel remains.

The museum also has a store where you can purchase merchandise and other memorabilia. Like Graceland, Rhonda and I were impressed by what the tour had to offer and the
cost was $17 per person, which is not bad considering the history behind the property and the place Elvis called home from birth up until his early teenage years.

The next time you’re in the area, it’s worth your time to visit the place where the King of Rock and Roll was born. A small humble beginning helped establish a music icon, who
helped reshape the musical landscape in America.
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January 03, 2017  -  Kentucky Online  /  Elvis Express Radio