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December 31, 2016  -  Elvis Express Radio
Well, as 2016 closes out, we now know that 'The Wonder of You" has been a great seller for Elvis in the UK and of course elsewhere around the World, however, it appears that if
you pre-ordered your copy of "The Wonder of You - Deluxe Edition" boxset from Amazon UK, you may well be in possession of a new Elvis oddity?

Now then, the image above, shows Side Two of Record One which clearly lists 4 songs on the vinyl albums label, but on the vinyl itself you can see it has 6 tracks.

So, is there 2 songs from Elvis and the RPO not listed? Well, NO! In actual fact the first album plays what appears to be Dusty Springfield's The Silver Collection, which is due for
re-release on January 20th 2017.

So it looks like we have a real rarity with this vinyl release as it seems pretty obvious that someone forgot to change the plates after some sort of the test press run?

Well, now that this rarity is now out there, could YOU have one of these beauties, either in their box set or as a stand alone album?

Remember, the album is labelled as the Elvis release, so the simplest way to find out without playing is that side two of record one has too many bands [6 instead of 4].
Oh and the catalogue numbers in the run-out grooves on sides one and two are as such  5707137/A and 5707137/B respectively.

Happy Hunting and Good Luck!