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December 31, 2016  -  Various  /  Elvis Express Radio
As you will have read, Las Vegas has at long last put Elvis literally on the map by changing Riviera Boulevard to Elvis Presley Way.

However, there was some kind of confusion because according to the officials and the official documents, the new name was supposed to be Elvis Presley Boulevard and not Way?

Sue, the leader of the locally active group, 'Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley Fan Club' wrote to us at EER to let us know that she had been in contact with Clark County asking what
had happened with the street name change? This is her message to us ... "Happy news,  I who questioned Clark County about Way vs Blvd, and it was immediately verified and
corrected.  New signs put up."

So there we have it... Elvis Presley Boulevard now sits proudly above the street of Vegas keeping his name in lights, as it should be.