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December 21, 2016  -  Brian Quinn  /  Elvis Express Radio
Earlier this month (4th), we reported that Helene Fischer, the beautiful German superstar who duets with Elvis on his latest album "The Wonder of You - with the Royal
Philharmonic Orchestra", will be performing that very duet with Elvis on her popular annual Christmas show, which has been airing every Christmas day since 2011.

Initial reports said the performance will be similar to the one that Celine Dion did with Elvis on 'If I Can Dream' back in 2007 on American Idol?

However, our very own Brian Quinn tells us It would appear that there will not be an Elvis/Helene Fischer virtual duet similar to the one with Celine Dion a few years back. Instead, it
looks as though she will be singing 'The Wonder Of You' live in conjunction with Elvis on the big screen during her Christmas Day TV Show.
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