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December 13, 2016  -   M  /  Elvis Express Radio-
PRS chairman Guy Fletcher has been awarded a Gold Album for his songwriting work on the new Elvis Presley and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra album The Wonder of You.

Fletcher (centre) and long-term writing partner Doug Flett (right) received the accolades for their song Just Pretend, at a surprise party at PRS for Music’s central London office
late last week.

The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was released on 21 October, going straight in at number one on the UK Albums Chart.

It has since been riding high for seven weeks, with sales now in excess of 100,000 – hence the Gold Disc.

The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios by producers Don Reedman (left) and Nick Patrick.

It features Elvis’ original performances of rock, gospel and country ballads, augmented with lush new arrangements from the famous orchestra.

Just Pretend features twice on the set, with award-winning German artist Helene Fischer singing alongside Elvis’ original take for a reworking of the song.

Fletcher told M:
‘I was aware that the album had achieved considerable sales but I had absolutely no idea it merited a Gold Disc. Any writer would be thrilled, as I was. It was such a
lovely surprise.’

He went on to add that the PRS for Music Award for Extraordinary Achievement, which was presented to him on the same night by the organisation’s chief executive Robert
Ashcroft, was ‘just as thrilling to receive’.