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November 13, 2016  -  Email  /  Elvis Express Radio
Williams hasn't just had a tattoo and performed some covers, he's also co-wrote a song called 'Advertising Space' is about Elvis.

"Advertising Space" was released as the third single from his album 'Intensive Care' in December 2005, and reached number 8 on
the UK Singles Chart. "Advertising Space" draws from Tony Scott's film True Romance, where Christian Slater's character is able to
speak to the spirit of Elvis Presley.

Elegiac and mournful, it describes Elvis' tragic fall from grace. Williams even calls the song his "Candle in the Wind". In the video,
largely filmed in a room above the Belle Vue pub in Blackpool in the United Kingdom, Williams emulates Elvis in movement,
appearance, and habits.

The single cover showed Williams dressed as Elvis from the 1950's (see right).

Here is what Robbie Williams said about the song himself. "This song is about Elvis Presley. The song contains references to
Quentin Tarantino's movie, "True Romance", the movie that has Christian Slater talking to the spirit of Elvis. Well, with this song I
like to believe I have direct access to Elvis Presley every now and then."    
Take a look at the 'Advertising Space' video
Robbie Williams has revealed he "prays to Elvis Presley " before he goes on stage.

The Let Me Entertain You singer quipped that he has a few words to say to the King of Rock and Roll - who passed away in August 1977 - before every gig whilst sipping on a
strong coffee.

Asked what he does before each show in a Q&A with fans on Twitter, he shared: "Espresso and pray to Elvis."

Here is the prayer Williams always says with his stage musicians etc before ever live performance...
"Elvis, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference,
Thank you very much!"

Williams has never made his admiration for Elvis a secret, revealing all about his Prayer to Elvis years ago. In fact, the singer has a tattoo of a Lions head on his right upper arm
with the words, "Elvis Grant Me Serenity" tattooed above.

The singer has also paid tribute to Elvis many times in Concert by performing some of his songs to enthusiastic crowds as he talks about Elvis then going into something like
'Suspicious Minds'.

Now, Robbie Williams appears on the front cover of the latest issue of Attitude magazine wearing a gold TCB pendent, but more that just a TCB. it looks to us what may very well be
an authentic, original Elvis given TCB? Let's face it, he sure as hell has the money to buy one right!