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November 08, 2016  -  3AW  /  Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Presley confidante and former manager, Jerry Schilling spoke with Denis Walter about "Elvis. The Wonder Of You 2017" Tour.

Sorry, the King isn't back; Elvis will be performing on the big screen, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Another show has been added in Melbourne due to popular demand.

"He was a pretty smart cookie and he had a lot of broad creative juices … he loved symphonic music and opera and he just loved music. He didn't care where it came from if it was
great music," Mr Schilling said.

He said that Elvis was gone too soon and did not get to do all the things he wanted to do.

"Rather frustrating for him was that he didn't get to tour in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England, all these places he wanted to go…  I think I lost my friend at an early age
because of creative disappointment," he told Denis Walter.

"I give Pricilla [Elvis' wife] a lot of credit, she was a hands on executive producer on If I Could Dream, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra first album, and The Wonder of You, the
second album, and the title for this tour…. so it's going to be a real emotional tour, and real rocker as well."

Mr Schilling will be coming to Melbourne along with a 40-piece orchestra as part of "Elvis. The Wonder Of You 2017" Tour at Margaret Court Arena, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June.