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November 06, 2016  - The Alivers  /  Elvis Express Radio
He's been found living pretty much everywhere on planet earth. He's even currently working as a grounds keeper at Graceland????

But on this weeks show, you will have heard Lee and Joe talk about a photo which they allege, shows Priscilla looking out of a window as she stands in a secret, private room in the
new 'Guest House At Graceland' where ... yep, you guessed it, where Elvis now lives???

Another claim by the alivers is that in the picture you can see below, there is a grey haired man who's reflection can be seen in the mirror (which we've enlarged for you) who they
say is Elvis and proves that he is alive and well???

Of course, if that is Elvis in the mirror, it's nice to know he has a room to stay so close for him to get to work each day in his job as a groundsman at Graceland.

In all seriousness, let's forget the argument of "That's not Elvis" - "Yes it is" - "No it isn't .... Instead, let's take a look at what is obvious.

1. The photo of Priscilla (we doubt it is her anyway) looking out of a window is NOT a photo, it is in-fact a screen shot from a TV broadcast on RTL, a European TV station.
2. The window is NOT a window but clearly a door.
3. We've all seen photos of the impressive rooms at the new Hotel. Just compare those with the one in the claim.
  The one which is in the alivers claims is far from luxury. The wallpaper is old, curtains are old, the fixtures and fittings are old.
  How anybody can think this image shows a room from the new hotel would no doubt believe a very old grey haired man in a mirror was Elvis Presley ..... Oh Doh!!!!